June 30, 2021 3 min read


BetGames.TV’s Lottery Returns Stronger Than Ever

Live dealer betting games supplier BetGames.TV will once again offer lottery products in its Lucky Lottery studios. This time the quality will be better than ever as the whole system has been remade with the user in mind. The aim is to provide a smooth and pleasant experience to the players and increase their interest. BetGames.TV hopes that the effort will be well worth it and will serve to boost the lottery’s earnings and popularity, as well as engage people in the long term. 

What Has Been Reworked

The whole Lucky Lottery studios have been reworked to exude a modern and reliable look. The video quality of BetGames.TV’s three most popular games has been dramatically improved. 

BetGames.TV has installed several new cameras in its studio that will conveniently let the end-user and auditor have a full look at the production stage. To make it even more convenient, when a draw starts, the view will be automatically switched to the studio’s main camera. 

The lottery endeavors don’t end here: the betting games supplier has also been looking to crack down the language barrier and push its lottery products on the global stage. To that end, the company has ensured that players will be able to use a remote presenter or RNG-based technology using pre-recorded videos.  

Lastly, BetGames.TV has also taken any potential issues with the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic into account – the game supplier has ensured that games can quickly adapt to outbreaks and continue even from home, should another quarantine force people to stay in their houses.

BetGames.TV’s CEO is Optimistic of What’s to Come

Andreas Koeberl, BetGames.TV’s chief executive officer, is excited by the huge upgrades on the lottery. In an interview, Koeberl spoke on the matter and revealed that BetGames is focusing its efforts on creating experiences that are well worth the players’ time. The CEO promises that things will get even better and clients won’t be let down as the lottery provider will continuously work to make things as good and marketable as possible. 

Koeberl is adamantly optimistic that the significant improvements to the Lucky Number lottery games will have the desired impact and will usher in a golden age. He hopes that the improved experience will boost bet counts, revenue and that the time people spend on the lottery will increase. Koeberl desires to improve player retention and ensure the company’s success and the players’ enjoyment for the long term. The CEO is looking forward to making the Lucky Lottery an unrivaled powerhouse on the market.  

This spring BetGames.TV went on a recruitment drive to acquire valuable human resources. It would seem the company is now putting them to use as it prepares to tackle a global market with its freshly enhanced lottery. 


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