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BetGames to Launch Twain Sport in the UK Following New Approvals

BetGames said that Twain Sport is very suitable for the low-staking regulatory environment in the United Kingdom

BetGames, a studio that produces innovative gambling titles and live dealer games, will be able to expand its operations in Britain after securing multiple new licenses. This will help the company consolidate its presence in the country.

Following the additional approvals from the UKGC, BetGames will be able to provide facilities for betting on real events and virtual events. In addition, BetGames already holds existing Gambling Software and Casino Host licenses issued by the UKGC.

BetGames said that the new certifications will allow it to deliver its premium portfolio of gambling titles to all legal operators. The company added that it will announce the initial launches very soon.

The provider also noted that the first of its products that will hit the market is Twain Sport, a critically-acclaimed brand that delivers short-form, non-stop soccer and basketball action. Twain puts individual athletes in one-on-one challenges. A single event last 60 seconds and a new event is available every two minutes each day.

Twain Sport is a unique betting product that is designed to complement traditional online gaming. It offers a high-turnover schedule, boosting customer engagement and helping operators bolster their revenues. With 1,440 daily games and 43,200 matches per month, the solution makes sure that fans always have exciting sports content to watch and wager on.

Twain Sport is now available with 45 markets across multiple regulated jurisdictions with BetGames currently negotiating 20 more deals. The product has proven to be very popular among millennial and Gen-Z customers, allowing them to make low-stakes in a regulation-friendly format.

Twain Sport Is Perfect for the British Betting Environment

The company’s chief executive officer, Andreas Koeberl, commented on the new licenses, saying that they will be a game changer for BetGames. He noted that despite being a fairly recent entry to the sports betting scene, Twain Sport has already proven to be a resounding success. In just six months, dozens of operators adopted the product, providing the company with unprecedented growth.

Our mission at BetGames has always been to offer unique products for the iGaming industry. With Twain Sport, we have something truly special for the UK market – the first-of-its-kind high-turnover sporting action that will be the perfect cross-sell for sports betting and casino fans.

Andreas Koeberl, CEO, BetGames

Koeberl concluded that Twain Sport is perfect for the new low-staking regulatory environment in the United Kingdom. He is excited to see what the local reception will be.


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