June 19, 2023 2 min read


BetFury Enters and BurgerCities Launch a Play-to-Earn Game

The prominent crypto gaming and betting website has established a new partnership which will now see 100 branded non-fungible tokens (NFTs) handed out to fans

BetFury has been one of the most prominent blockchain gaming companies. The brand has been around for many years now, helping players enjoy a slightly different gaming experience that was based on crypto betting and gaming in general.

BetFury Celebrates BurgerCities Tie-up with 100 Free NFTs

This new tie-up with BurgerCities will see the two companies collaborate on a new play-to-earn game, which will also feature NFT prizes, promo codes, and bonuses. A total of 100 NFTs will be handed out as part of a giveaway designed to boost awareness for the game as well as celebrate the launch of the new product.

BetFury has styled its product offer as an ecosystem for crypto products. This ecosystem will now be strengthened by the opportunity to play and earn with BurgerCities’ new game. The NFTs will be allocated randomly, so all players need to do is keep playing on the platform.

BurgerCities is a MetaFi-based platform with a dedicated decentralized exchange or DEX, and NFTs. BetFury is an out-of-the-box crypto gaming platform that is continuously growing and offering a variety of new ways to experience traditional iGaming products. 

Future collaborations are also possible, the companies said in a press release. BetFury in the meantime has been known to hold several promotional events designed to boost the earnings for players. BetFury has been also actively seeking to expand its presence in regulated gaming markets.

The company partnered with Slotegrator, joining its list of partners, earlier this year, in a bid to amplify its own reach and pull with iGaming audiences and crowds. BetFury similarly launched a three-week tournament with a $1 million prize pool and a Lamborghini


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