BETER Ups Number of Efootball Events to 15,000 Month

BETER continues to expand its clout in the gaming industry by increasing its product offering and partner list. The latest move comes with the company expanding its Efootball portfolio to now feature 15,000 live events per month.

Efootball Continues to Grow Despite Return of Mainstream Sports

The significance of Efootball contests became clear during the first months of 2020 when a global pandemic all but erased sports from the calendar, leaving a vacuum. Luckily for sports fans and punters, simulated races and virtual contests stepped in to fill in the blanks.

Since then, Efootball has held a special place in the minds and hearts of sports aficionados, and BETER is delivering. BETER styles itself as the leading provider of such contests in the European market.

To increase and expand its capabilities, BETER is also teaming up with the Esports Content Factory (ECF), which will enable the company to offer even more accomplished products along the way. BETER will deliver these products across 40 global markets while ensuring that it meets regulatory compliance in each to elevate the player experience and guarantee B2B customers a value-added partnership.

Commenting on this collaboration BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich said that the company felt confident in the segment and its future role in the iGaming industry. He pointed out that BETER is in constant search of improvement:

“We’re constantly refining and improving our provision of the most advanced selection of high-velocity betting products that the current generation of players require.”

BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich

New Distribution Paves the Way to New Opportunities

Ehrlich is confident that the new distribution deal with ECF and the further expansion of the number of live Efootball events offered will contribute to BETER’s global establishment as a leading company that can cater to the needs of partner-customer bases around the clock.

“Our leading content allows sportsbooks to fill free airtime and engage their customers with fast, high quality Efootball content designed to meet their specific needs.”

BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich

BETER has been able to make a name for itself in the iGaming industry as it has been contracted by the likes of Fortuna Entertainment Group, William Hill, Bet365, and Sportradar, to provide the companies with its advanced Efootball products and more. The company is also running operations across other verticals of the experience, including gaming, live casino, and esports.

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