November 10, 2022 3 min read


BETER Teams up with Bayes Esports for BODEX Launch

BETER has revealed that it has been picked to become the official odds provider for BODEX, a newly launched platform by Bayes Esports. BODEX prides itself as a “first-of-its-kind” marketplace which integrates odds from specialized and general traders into a single platform, and gives operators access to odds from multiple sources, allowing them to pick what each operator can decide are the most suitable prediction models.

BETER to Supply BODEX with Esports Odds

All of these odds are standardized, something that is achieved through the use of data format, market definitions, API, and more. Bayes Esports has picked BETER Because of the latter’s proven track record in delivering reliable and high-quality esports odds, making for a perfect opportunity for the two companies to continue elevating the vertical and improving the ecosystem.

Commenting on this partnership BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich said that esports is a flagship product for the company, and the tie-up with Bayes Esports would effectively allow the company to deepen its reach in the ecosystem, providing bettors with the best possible experience industry-wide. Ehrlich added:

We believe in the vision of BODEX. It will help to increase coverage of esports tournaments and will allow to develop market innovations for the next generation of customers.

BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich

BETER esports general manager Evgeniy Bekker said that esports has the potential of becoming one of the most lucrative verticals, and betting operators are beginning to rapidly realize this. Having access to reliable and trusted betting data and odds is paramount for operators to make the most out of this new ecosystem, Bekker noted. He said:

As more operators look to enter the esports arena, who they choose to partner with will hugely impact their engagement and retention success, which is why we are thrilled to be chosen by Bayes Esports to supply esports odds to BODEX.

BETER esports general manager Evgeniy Bekker

Two-Way Street in Which Bayes and BETER Complement Each Other

Bayes Esports CEO and managing director Martin Dachselt was similarly pleased with this new collaboration and opportunity and said that BETER has developed a world-class esports product which is precisely why the executive saw this partnership as a two-way street in which Bayes fed BETER data and vice versa.

“BODEX is revolutionary for the sports and by forging strategic partnerships with companies such as BETER, we have created a very compelling solution for operators that will see the esports betting market reach its full potential,” Dachselt said.


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