October 22, 2021 3 min read


BETER Launches Virtual Basketball and Football Events

Leading fast sports & esports content, live streaming, live data and industry statistics provider BETER has boosted its sportsbook offerings with the launch of Virtual eComp Artificial Intelligence esports tournaments.

BETER Launches Virtual Sports Tournaments

The AI-based events will include simulated tournaments in cyber football and cyber basketball. They will use BETER’s Live Data in order to provide bettors with a wide selection of markets and odds for each Virtual eComp event. The Virtual eComp AI events include over 4,500 monthly tournaments across the two cyber disciplines it offers.

BETER’s tournaments currently get over a million monthly views from passionate bettors. The platform streams three matches simultaneously and lets players bet on numerous markets per match.

The first of BETER’s offerings, Virtual eComp_Basketball, offers over 1,500 events each month. Bettors can bet on 18 markets per game.

BETER’s second offering is Virtual eComp_Football which simulates more than 3,000 games each month and allows customers to bet on up to 10 markets.

AI-Powered Sports: The Future of Betting

BETER’s CEO, Gal Ehrlich, spoke about how AI tournaments can revolutionize betting. According to him, they are a great solution for sportsbooks as they allow stable margins and revenue growth for clients, as well as full integrity and many matches to offer. “The fun never stops with Virtual eComp matches,” Ehrlich described it.

He added that all of BETER’s AI-based tournaments follow strict regulations and policies of transparency and fairness to ensure that the company’s products are safe and trustworthy.

BETER was founded in 2018 and aims to bring a realistic sports betting experience to its fans that is always readily available, every hour and day of the year. The company boasts of “supplying cutting-edge solutions to the big guns in the betting industry” and powers 8 different sports and esports disciplines of the Setka Cup, ESportsBattle and Asia Pro League.

AI-powered sports are one of the most promising trends in gambling. It effectively allows bettors to engage whenever and wherever they want. Cyber sports host a plethora of events, meaning that there is always something new and exciting to bet on.

Cyber sports provide some good opportunities to the gambling ecosystem, especially in troubled times, such as ours, where COVID-19 makes the hosting of live events much more difficult. While a raging pandemic can limit traditional sports events, it cannot damage esports and cyber tournaments in quite the same way. When sports leagues had to cancel their events, esports and AI-powered leagues thrived in the virtual space.

The cybersports market is one that holds a lot of promise and is waiting to be explored. Recently a competitor of BETER, BETBY spiced up its suite of virtual sports offerings by adding cricket.


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