September 20, 2021 3 min read


BETBY Enriches Its Virtual Inventory by Adding Cricket

Revolutionary AI-focused virtual sports betting solutions provider BETBY has added cricket to its esports offerings, improving on the variety of the sports simulation events that sportsbooks can include by integrating Betby.Games. 

BETBY Adds Cricket to Its Virtual Roster

The cricket will expand on BETBY’s diverse games roster which currently includes soccer, e-Fighting, basketball, Rocket League, and tennis.

Fans of cricket can get realistic AI-driven simulations of the sport that emulates real cricket fields and championships, such as the Big Bash League, the Indian Premier League, and the World Cup. Customers are able to choose between 10 overs or 20 overs formats.

BETBY’s chief executive officer, Leonid Pertsovskiy, is happy to have cricket as the latest virtual sports offering in Betby.Games’ list.

“Our client-centric approach to business has really facilitated the expansion of our platform over the past 12 months, enabling us to tap into the staggering growth of the esports industry and provide truly exceptional gaming experiences,” Pertsovskiy explained.

BETBY’s Innovative Virtual Solutions

BETBY’s product helps operators expand their betting solutions by “thousands of live events a day”. By integrating Betby.Games, BETBY’s AI-powered esports solution, allows just that by simulating numerous realistic events in a short span.

BETBY’s unique sports game simulations face two AIs against one another to emulate the genuine thrill and competition of a real-life event. BETBY’s AI is a pure simulation that includes no human intervention whatsoever. Instead, the AI’s learning behavior is based on real-life stats. Most importantly, Betby.Games’ offerings include no randomly generated numbers and focus on delivering a realistic experience.

The games that BETBY offers are fast-paced and take much less time than a real event, allowing an operator to simulate thousands of matches in a single day. For example, Soccer events take 12 minutes in total with 6 minutes for each half. E-Fighting events are shorter and only last 3 minutes. Basketball has four quarters of 6 minutes each and Rocket League games are 5 minutes long. Players can choose from numerous top leagues and tournaments in each of the sports that Betby.Games offer.

Operators who wish to integrate Betby.Games to their own sportsbooks can quickly do so in a matter of few clicks through API. BETBY’s site offers a demo for anyone who might be interested.

In the past two years, BETBY has shown diligence and dedication to expanding its inventory. The AI-based sports solutions provider recently announced a partnership with specialist player prop betting markets supplier Digital Sports Tech. As a result, BETBY integrated DST’s player prop markets into its own platform.


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