January 12, 2023 2 min read


BETER Adds Badminton as Part of Setka Cup

BETER has expanded Setka Club with the addition of new badminton tournaments and overall offering. The new badminton events will be available through the dedicated platform

The Setka Cup, which is known for its hosting of table tennis tournaments for the betting industry, will now move forward with badminton as its newest discipline.

Badminton Now Becomes Part of Setka Cup

The new events will be hosted as round-robin badminton tournaments of 12 matches every day. Each tournament will have five participating players, and it will feature professional badminton players, bringing a total of 260 events a month.

The events will be available from Monday through Friday, giving sports fans and bettors plenty of action to get in on. Operator partners will have access to all the information they need to offer robust odds and products.

BETER partners will also have access to the live streaming solutions accompanying the league as a further boost and way to engage with customers who are happy to explore or bet on the competitions.

BETER Sports general manager Maria Mashchenko welcomed the opportunity and said that the company was indeed very happy to expand with this new tournament option that will now bolster partners’ portfolios and betting options. The new competition has a huge potential for BETER Sports, Mashchenko said.

“We believe BETER is perfectly placed to extend, develop and enhance the fast sports industry as a whole, having already established itself as the leading provider for table tennis, and now we’re cementing that position by launching these badminton tournaments,” she added.

BETER is further strengthening its ties with other sports leagues from around the world. The company built further momentum with Asian Basketball League and is expanding into existing and fresh markets, jurisdictions and countries.


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