October 1, 2021 3 min read


Betcris to Offer Alternative Payment Methods Through SafetyPay

Alternative payment solutions provider SafetyPay has signed a partnership deal with LATAM-based online sports betting company Betcris. Through the partnership, Betcris bettors will be able to use alternative payment methods to make deposits. These will include both online and cash payments that can be made through collection points and banks.

Providing Alternative Payment Methods to Clients

Thanks to SafetyPay’s solutions, Betcris will provide customers who either don’t have credit cards or don’t want to use them for online payments with alternative ways of participating in the operator’s gambling offerings. Instead of using a credit card, the bettors will be able to make their deposit through a bank. Furthermore, SafetyPay’s method allows customers to make the deposit without providing any sensitive personal information to anyone else but their banks. Players can immediately access their funds, which are automatically converted into the bettors’ native currency. 

SafetyPay’s chief executive officer, Gustavo Ruiz Moya, spoke about his company and the partnership. He explained that SafetyPay’s core focus is powering secure and reliable payment methods and added that the company uses the best technology available to best protect its customers and provide them with the best experience when paying online.

“By accepting alternative forms of payment powered by SafetyPay, Betcris expands its customer base by providing access to people around the world that either do not have credit cards or have them but do not want to use them online,” he added.

Betcris has been one of the big names on the LATAM market for the past few decades. As such, Betcris always aims to differentiate its offerings as it aims to provide the best experience to all customers. Betcris recently signed a contract with the data management provider Genius Sports in order to elevate its content with more sports data. It also recently expanded out of the Latin American region, opening its first office in Poland as it targets European operations.

Giving Sense of Security on the Online Market

SafetyPay was founded in 2007, and, since then, has provided clients worldwide with safe and reliable methods to pay online. Its solutions are available to customers and businesses in 18 different countries in North America, Latin America and Europe. SafetyPay negotiates with the local banks in the countries where it operates and has most of them integrate its payment solutions. Alternatively, SafetyPay has over 200,000 cash collection points across all the regions where it’s operational.

SafetyPay’s solutions have earned their reputation as reliable alternative payment methods. The company’s offerings are crucial to the modern market because of its shift to online buying and selling. This includes the global iGaming market, as well. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following quarantine and the fear in its wake, the online market has seen an unprecedented boom.

Now that more people than ever prefer taking care of their health and making purchases and deposits online, SafetyPay’s solutions are invaluable to all the people who wish to keep their personal information safe.


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