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BetConstruct’s Blast and Striker Games Approved in the UK

Online gaming technology and services provider BetConstruct acquired permission from the UK Gambling Commission to deploy its Blast and Striker games.

Latest Step in Global Expansion

The decision by the Gambling Commission to grant approval for the Blast and Striker games allows the technology supplier to deploy these engaging gaming solutions in the UK and via its White Label partners and make a significant step towards expanding its product offering globally.

Based on fair and straightforward gameplay, both game solutions rely on simplicity and random number generator (RNG) to engage with the audience and allow gaming operators to generate revenue in the process.

Blast and Time Your Catch

The catchy Blast game features a cannon shooting up balls, which on their way multiply the amount of bet placed prior to the shot by the player. As the timing when the multiplier stops is unknown, the tricky part for players is to choose when to cash out before they lose.

The Blast game allows gaming operators to prove the fairness of each shooting round as the game is based on the latest cryptographic technology of provably fair gaming, BetConstruct outlines in the description of the game.

The game achieves complete transparency via the RNG-predefined outcome in each round, leaving operators to decide on the minimum and maximum amount of bet, as well as the maximum win amount which is the bet multiplied by the coefficient.


Striker is one of the games developed in-house by BetConstruct, which offers an easy playing concept and 100% transparency. It requires players to predict the winning number or range and wait till the lever is struck, and once the puck rises, it shows the winning number.

Players can check the fairness of each round via the history tab after the round to see that the winning number was pre-defined, while when the winning number coincides with the predicted number or falls within the predicted range, winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet with a coefficient decided automatically by the system. Striker also allows players to place two bets simultaneously in a single round to multiply their chance of winning.

BetConstruct believes the authorization of both games in the UK would act as a gateway to expand the business via new partnership deals with licensed iGaming operators, on one hand, while helping strengthen existing partnerships, on the other.

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