Ben McDonagh of Green Jade Visits GamblingNews (Podcast #16)

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Ben McDonagh, one of the founders and current Managing Director of Green Jade and Arcade Games, recently sat down with GamblingNews. The conversation centered on how the gaming supplier is helping drive innovation in the global gaming industry. With a robust team of experts, the company has positioned itself well to be a primary source of advanced gaming solutions for operators everywhere.

McDonagh has over 16 years in the gaming industry, ample time to understand what is needed to induce innovation and create high-quality content. As the company moves into the skill games market through Arcade Games, targeting a niche market with plenty of untapped potential, it will be able to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and resources McDonagh and the rest of the team can offer.

Both Green Jade and Arcade Games have been received well by the global gaming community. The company’s advanced technology and creative options help it to stand out, and the company continues to find new homes for its products. 2022 promises to bring even more growth to the company, with further innovation on several different levels coming in the next 12 months.

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