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BCLC Warns the Public about Online Casino Scams

It said that illegitimate online casino platforms present themselves as legal by posing as real BC land-based casino brands

The Crown corporation tasked with conducting and managing gambling activities in British Columbia (BC), the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), warned the public about an increasing number of online scams. On Monday, the BCLC released a statement, warning the public that fraudulent online operators present themselves as legitimate BC casinos in an effort to collect financial information or personal details.

Those illegitimate websites, deemed as “predatory and sophisticated scams” by the BCLC, are advertised via social media posts that can be found on Instagram and Facebook, among other social media platforms. The illegal platforms seek to lure players with lucrative bonuses. According to the BCLC, the illegitimate websites use names, logos and exterior images belonging to different local BC casinos.

Besides presenting themselves as legitimate businesses, the fraudulent platforms offer different special promotions to lure more customers in. The BCLC explained that none of the illegitimate websites are related to casinos in BC or itself. It added that it is currently collaborating with its casino partners to ensure the promotional posts are removed. Still, the BCLC said that customers should be on high alert when browsing online.

While BCLC and its casino partners are actively working to have posts removed, British Columbians should be cautious when it comes to these predatory and sophisticated scams,

reads a statement released by the BCLC

Customers who are unsure if an online casino website or a post is legitimate can contact the BCLC’s customer service line at 1-866-815-0222 or enter into a live chat on or

On the other hand, the BCLC encouraged consumers to report suspected fraudulent activities to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online or via phone at 1-888-495-8501. In cases where consumers have already become victims of a scam or fraud, they are encouraged to contact the police.

Official Brands Can Be Recognized Easily

The BCLC reiterated that consumers should be on high alert. It explained that its verified websites or applications would not require personal information such as social insurance numbers or banking details like cards or bank information for claiming online prizes.

In its statement, the BCLC confirmed that the only online gambling website that is currently permitted to operate in British Columbia is Moreover, it added that the official apps in the province are PlayNow BC Sportsbook, PlayNow Poker BC and BCLC Lotto!, while explaining that each social media account of the aforementioned platforms has a verified checkmark. This checkmark recognizes the official social media channels for the aforementioned brands, making them stand out from fraudulent or scam pages.


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