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Bayes Esports to Provide Exclusive Match Data for EFG

This is one of the many impactful announcements Bayes Esports has made in early 2023, CEO Martin Dachselt noted

Bayes Esports, a top provider of esports live data, has unveiled a new strategic partnership with ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), a major esports event organizer. Under the multi-year agreement, Bayes Esports will serve as the exclusive match data provider for many tournaments and leagues hosted by EFG.

The Two Parties Extend Their Fruitful Relationship

Until 2025, Bayes Esports will provide data for events such as the ESL Pro Tour in CS:GO, ESL Impact, Dota 2 tournament and FACEIT Collegiate CS:GO events. The current agreement expands the existing relationship between Bayes and EFG as the two companies continue to work hard to grow the esports industry.

As agreed, Bayes Esports’ brand will be integrated into various broadcast segments during live events. EFG, meanwhile, has secured access to Bayes Esports’ full tech portfolio The deal will also see the two parties establish a dedicated team that will be focused on innovating and transforming in the space of data-driven content creation. In addition, the two companies will team up for various integrity-related initiatives, protecting esports from fraud.

The data specialist will also collaborate with EFG on building on the existing game data tech stack and creating new and innovative solutions for media and fans. This includes planned automated content-creation tools for EFG and its partnering companies. Thus, the deal will see Bayes and the event organizer continue developing Project V, which synchronizes video content with data.

Bayes Esports Kicked 2023 Off with a Blast

Bernhard Mogk, EFG’s senior vice president of global business development and commercial strategy, commented on the agreement. He shared his delight in teaming up with Bayes Esports and said that this partnership is what allows EFG to remain an example when it comes to integrity.

Mogk concluded that his team is excited to continue working with Bayes Esports and innovate the esports sector with data-driven solutions that improve the sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

Bayes Esports’ chief executive officer and managing director, Martin Dachselt, also shared his thoughts. He said that his team has enjoyed a tremendous start to 2023, with the current agreement being one of many impactful announcements. According to him, this deal is a clear statement that Bayes is catching on with the industry’s most important players.

With the leader in competitive games and esports and data from over 12.000 matches by our side, we can move forward and continue to shape esports around official data, ensure the integrity of its biggest events and give those that hurt the long-term development of this industry through improper offerings no quarter.

Martin Dachselt, CEO & MD, Bayes Esports

Some of the other notable announcements Bayes Esports made recently include its partnerships with DATA.BET and BLAST Premier.


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