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Bayes Esports Forms Data Partnership with BLAST Premier

Bayes Esports has signed a new partnership with BLAST Premier, one of the preeminent events in the competitive video gaming circuit and Counter-Strike

Bayes Esports, which focuses on collating data from official esports events and sharing it with third-parties, will work with BLAST until 2024.

Bayes Esports and BLAST to Work on Data-Driven Solutions

According to the companies, they will seek to facilitate data comprehension and make it more accessible to fans and consumers, but also teams that stand to benefit from having a detailed breakdown of their performance in real time.

Part of the efforts will be focused on the creation of new solutions developed with the use of big data. Among the new products floated by the company is “Project V” which is specifically tailored to automating content creation.

Bayes Esports CCO & managing director Amir Mirzaee welcomed the opportunity and spoke of its significance. Mirzaee hailed BLAST Premier as one of the most accomplished organizers of tier-one esports events and competitions and assured that together, the two organizations will be able to bring fans and aficionados even more unforgettable moments.

It’s a pivotal year for the esports industry, Mirzaee explained and added that moving forward, there will be a lot of visualizations and innovative content creation solutions to help boost the BLAST Premier experience for all.

Speaking about the partnership, BLAST Premier VP of Distribution Alexander Lewin said that the company is all about delivering next-level entertainment and products, something that will be further facilitated by its new collaboration with Bayes Esports, adding:

Combining our approach with the vision and leading market position of the excellent team at Bayes is set to create outstanding esports entertainment for BLAST’s global fanbase.

BLAST Premier VP of Distribution Alexander Lewin

Creating Fresh Experiences for Esports Fans

The data analysis brought by Bayes Esports will definitely add tremendous value to fan experiences, Lewin concluded. Meanwhile, BLAST Premier is just one of the big partnerships Bayes has established over the years.

Presently, Bayes Esports is an exclusive partner for ESL and provides official data from Riot Games’ League of Legends. The esports segment has been growing significantly over the years with gamification of data an important revenue source for many leagues and competitions.

Esports betting has been equally surging in popularity and Bayes Esport is hardly the only company to try and leverage this. Others, such as BETER, have dedicated entire divisions to address the growing demand and interest in competitive video gaming.


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