March 1, 2023 3 min read


Badminton World Federation Boosts Integrity via Stats Perform Deal

The new collaboration complements the Badminton World Federation's efforts to ensure the integrity of the sport and at the same time expands the reach of Stats Perform's services

The international governing body of badminton, the Badminton World Federation (BWF), announced a new partnership with Stats Perform, a sports integrity and data leader. Announced Tuesday, the new deal sees the company deliver its leading integrity services for the BWF Integrity Unit.

This new collaboration helps extend the reach of Stats Perform’s leading services while bringing advanced technology that will help the BWF Integrity Unit safeguard the protection of the sport.

Thanks to Stats Perform’s technology, the BWF Integrity Unit will benefit from expanded capabilities for investigation of suspicious betting activities for badminton matches. Besides probing into suspicious betting actions, the collaboration boosts the Unit’s capabilities to identify corruption within the sport.

According to Stats Perform, monitoring betting markets live will play a pivotal role in the new collaboration. This monitoring brings a unique edge for BWF against match-fixing and manipulation attempts. In detail, thanks to the new deal, the Integrity Unit will be able to collect intelligence on competitions and matches which may be related to suspicious betting. Consequently, the Unit will be able to launch an investigation if that is needed.

The Collaboration Improves BWF’s Monitoring Capabilities

Jake Marsh, Stats Perform’s global head of integrity services, explained that the company is excited to expand its portfolio of partners by adding BWF. He outlined that the company is delighted to collaborate with the Integrity Unit and help protect the integrity of badminton.

We are delighted to add BWF to our stable of clients and deliver a progressive approach to integrity risk management that will see us working closely with the international governing body’s own integrity unit to protect the sport from match manipulation and related threats.

Jake Marsh, global head of integrity services at Stats Perform

Carl Mergele, Stats Perform’s CEO, was similarly excited about the recent collaboration. He deemed BWF “a key partner” for the company and said that Stats Perform is proud that the Federation selected it as its partner. Finally, Mergele predicted that the collaboration will help safeguard the sport from manipulation and harm.

Having Stats Perform onboard will strengthen our commitment to protecting the integrity of the sport from betting-related corruption.

Thomas Lund, secretary general at the BWF

BWF’s secretary general, Thomas Lund, pointed out that the deal with Stats Perform will help boost the integrity operations of the Federation. According to him, this will help in the fight against corruption and betting integrity threats. Finally, Lund said that the collaboration will help monitor and safeguard the integrity of leading championships and tournaments.


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