October 18, 2022 3 min read

Azerion Completes Several Strategic Acquisitions

Digital entertainment and media platform Azerion released an official statement confirming the completion of several pivotal purchases. The Amsterdam-based company acquired ad tech developer Vlyby Gmbh and finalized several smaller asset deals for digital publisher monetization solutions like Italian startup TakeRate. The acquisitions are valued at approximately €12 million in a mixture of cash and share consideration.

Azerion Bolsters Its European Presence

According to Azerion’s official press release, the recent purchases will help strengthen its monetization offerings in the European market and boost support and accessibility for its local customers. 

The company describes itself as a content-driven technology and data provider, primarily focusing on developing and implementing various monetization and digital content solutions. Its customers include publishers, game creators, and advertisers who can use Azerion’s integrated platform to safely and reliably reach millions of users through their favorite content.

Azerion owes its substantial market reach to the company’s consumer-facing content arm. Its platform includes several popular casual game franchises like Habbo Hotel and Hotel Hideaway. With an impressive portfolio of over 16,000 games, the developer attracts almost half a million unique monthly users.

The company also has a presence in the gambling industry and is most famous for its Governor of Poker social poker game and offers many other iGaming titles. Its combined assets make it one of the most influential European media platforms, and the recent purchases will only help solidify its status.

The New Acquisitions Bring Key Technology

VlyBy’s assets, in particular, will significantly bolster Azerion’s suite of solutions. The media giant will get access to an innovative advertising product allowing publishers to interface simultaneously with several partners and provide on-demand advertising content. VlyBy’s other notable developments include AI-assisted price optimization and streamlined, monetization-minded video player solutions.

Azerion co-CEO Atilla Aytekin offered a brief comment on the purchase, noting that the acquisitions indicated that the company’s M&A pipeline remained robust and continued to foster organic growth.

With every new integration, we are delighted to see the Azerion platform growing ever stronger and improving the way we are able to satisfy the needs of our customers and partners.

Azerion co-CEO Atilla Aytekin

The media giant’s other asset deals also aim to boost the company’s existing offerings and aid clients’ advertising sales, maximizing their ad revenue.

The Media Giant Maintains Solid Momentum

According to Azerion, all the acquired companies were already successful and acclaimed businesses with a reputation for reliability and efficiency. In 2021 the acquisitions generated revenue of approximately €14 million. Considering the purchase price of €12 million, Azerion has the potential to make a quick return on its investments.

The entertainment giant paid approximately 50% cash, settling the remaining balance via ordinary shares consideration. The purchases were driven by outstanding Q2 2022 financial results, with net revenue of €104 million, nearly doubled compared to last year. Adjusted EBITDA grew by 70% to €12 million, signifying a booming business model. 

Azerion has taken full advantage of every opportunity so far, maintaining its momentum with purposeful, return-minded investments.

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