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The World Pool Posts Record-Breaking Turnover

The World Pool, a betting initiative that allows players from all over the world to bet into a single pool, continues to grow in popularity.  As reported by horse racing news outlet Racing Post, the pool posted a turnover of $605 million during the 17 World Pool 2022 race days in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The World Pool Recorded a High Turnover

The number posted by the World Pool represents a stellar 44% year-on-year increase from last year’s $414 million.  The final race day alone saw the World Pool record a turnover of almost $32 million. This increase is in line with the overall boost the pool recorded this year. It is also in line with the tendency of growth that other horse racing events, such as the Epsom Derby, have recorded.

The World Pool is the result of the collaboration between the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Tote and Ascot. It allows players from over 20 countries to bet in the same global pool. As a result, winners get to enjoy bigger prizes, which has provided a quick boost to the popularity of the format.

Michael Fitzsimons, Hong Kong Jockey Club’s executive director of wagering products, commented on the recorded growth. He noted that his team is thrilled to see British and Irish World Pool days record such a strong turnover. Fitzsimons attributed the favorable results to the growing popularity of horse racing connoisseurs who appreciate seeing the best horses and jockeys compete.

Tote Hopes that the World Pool Will Keep on Growing

Meanwhile, Alex Frost, UK Tote Group’s chief executive, added that the goal of the World Pool is to provide the racing ecosystem with a sustainable source of additional funding while providing fans with enjoyable betting experiences. Frost thanked everyone who has competed in World Pool races in 2022, including horses, trainers, jockeys and owners. He added that he hopes their honest efforts will nurture the World Pool and help the initiative grow in 2023 and beyond.

Frost concluded that the UK Tote Group team feels honored to be a part of the World Pool and reaffirmed that he hopes to witness its growth. He also dreams that the pool’s growth will increase financial returns to the British and Irish horse racing sector and create more value for fans who wish to bet with the Tote.

Speaking of Tote, this summer the British horse racing operator reinforced its team with the addition of two new members. Lord Michael Alan Spencer of Alresford and Mark Holt both joined the group as non-executive directors.


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