February 14, 2022 2 min read


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Axie Infinity to Host GalAxie Cup 2022 with VeraEsports as Broadcast Partner

Fans of the metaverse have probably asked themselves on at least one occasion if they should take non-fungible tokens (NFT) seriously. The truth is it has worked well for some. Axie Infinity, a game that is based on a play-to-earn model, although most critics often equate it to a pyramid scheme, gambling or worse, has been able to make quite a few people rich in the early days.

Metaverse, NFTs and a Competitive Circuit

These days the entry-level is admittedly higher, but this has not stopped VeraEsports, a competitive gaming streaming platform powered by Verasity to sponsor the latest Axie Infinite tournament. The platform will be the executive broadcaster and official esports platform for GalAxie Cup 2022, a professional esports competition held for the game.

It’s also part of the broader Axie Infinity esports roadmap this year. Starting in March with Stage 1 Open Qualifiers, the event will culminate with the Cup itself in November. Verasity will use this opportunity to trial its signature Proof of View technology, which will prevent fraudulent viewership for streamed video content.

Commenting on this partnership, VeraEsports founder RJ Mark noted that his organization was happy to be teaming up with GalAxie Cup 2022.

“We’re looking forward to once again welcoming Axie Infinity’s huge and dedicated fan base to VeraEsports, and showcasing VeraPlayer to the world.”

VeraEsports founder RJ Mark

Blockchain Rewards for Best Esports Players

The event will distribute a total of 450 AXS, the native Axie Infinity tokens, for its entire duration, and bring fresh opportunities to established and beginning players. Axie Infinity program lead for esports and content creators Andrew Campbell joined the conversation and drummed up interest in the upcoming competition:

“We are proud to continue extending our investments to further the development of infrastructure that supports Axie Esports. We are very much looking forward to this year’s GalAxie Cup 2022 and are confident it will offer excitement for fans and community from across the globe.”

Axie Infinity program lead for esports and content creators Andrew Campbell

VeraEsports will also allow players to earn unique rewards that will be redeemable in the VeraEsports Rewards Store. There will be AXIES or Axie Infinity NFTs and $VRA tokens all up for grabs to viewers.


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