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Australians Favor Age Verification for Pornography, Gambling, Says Poll

The results of a new poll showed overwhelming support for the enforcement of age verification for gambling, pornography and social media

Gambling is identified as a serious public health issue in Australia. Known as the world’s biggest losers, Aussies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars daily, making the losses hundreds of millions on a monthly basis and billions annually. Understanding the significant impact gambling has on society, the country’s government is considering changes to the gambling sector that seek to reduce losses, prevent children from engaging in gambling activities and protect people from gambling harm.

Amid the planned changes to the industry in Australia, the results of a new poll show overwhelming support for additional measures toward age verification for gambling, pornography and social media. On Monday, the Guardian released the results of its latest Guardian Essential poll, highlighting summarized opinions of the community toward age verification.

Some 1,150 people shared their opinions on a number of popular topics, including the potential enforcement of age verification for social media, gambling as well as ban for “deepfake” images. Notably, some 79% of the respondents supported enforcing age verification for gambling websites, while 80% supported the idea of illegalizing “deepfake” images that contained sexual elements.

The support for a deepfake ban on sexual images isn’t surprising, considering the number of shocking “deepfake” sexual images that have been flooding the internet for quite some time now. On the other hand, 76% of the respondents supported the enforcement of age verification for social media, while 75% supported the idea of growing the “capacity for law enforcement to scrutinize online behavior.”

Enforcement of Age Verification Needed despite Existing Player Protection Measures

In order to protect consumers from gambling harm and prevent the access of people under the age of 18 to gambling services, age verification was made mandatory prior to depositing. Per the nationwide changes, effective from September 2023, individuals that register accounts with gambling websites will have to verify their identity before depositing or placing a wager.

The results of the recent poll come after violence against women in the country, fueled by gambling and pornography, resulted in spontaneous protests. Concerned citizens sought answers from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, demanding the protection of women from harassment and violence.

Per the Guardian’s poll, while a majority of the respondents supported the enforcement of age verification, there wasn’t overwhelming support about who would enforce such restrictions. Some 43% said that the government should enforce age verification, while 14% said that businesses should be tasked with this responsibility. Another 12% supported non-profit third-party organizations to enforce age verification. Concerningly, some 32% or nearly one third of the respondents, admitted they consider that none of those could be trusted.


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