AstroPay Launches VIP Program, Clients From All Around the World Can Join

AstroPay has announced its VIP Program which will provide its customers with a variety of benefits. These benefits include dedicated support, sky-high limits, unique promotions, and several other rewards. Users from all around the world will be eligible to be part of the VIP program, but they will have to meet certain requirements. 

The VIP Program Is a Testament to AstroPay’s Dedication to Its Customers

In a statement, AstroPay noted that the VIP program is a testament to the company’s dedication to putting customers at the “heart of its business.” Even though all players will be eligible to enter the program, they will have to complete a few conditions. 

First off, entry into the program will be determined by the volume of transactions. There’s a minimum threshold that customers need to reach and those that meet it will be contacted by an account manager. 

Sara Rita, the chief commercial officer at AstroPay, stated that the company is thrilled to launch the new program. Thanks to the program, customers that are loyal to AstroPay will be able to feel their value and will know that AstroPay is really thankful for their dedication. 

Rita also added that the VIP program will be the first of many as AstroPay intends to provide customers with thousands of rewards this year.

Not everyone is fond of providing VIP programs, though. While speaking at a NIGA panel, lobbyist Bill Pascrell noted that problem gamblers are often used as tools to generate more revenue. He also added that for a long time, each VIP customer was actually “the problem gambler at casinos” and if that translates to the online gaming world, a massive issue will arise. 

AstroPay Recently Launched Its Affiliate Program

Apart from providing its customers with VIP experiences, AstroPay has also been busy in the recent period as it launched its own affiliate program. The reason behind the launch was to provide partners with special deals that will allow them to generate revenue.

A variety of partners are welcome to join the affiliate program. That includes comparison sites, platforms, content creators in the payment industry and more. Additionally, the program will provide partners with flexibility, regardless of the sectors from which partners originate. 

Shortly before the launch of the affiliate program, AstroPay appointed Fayyaz Ansari as the new chief financial officer. Then, the company followed by appointing Sofia Lanza as a chief banking officer. 

The CEO of AstroPay, Mikael Lijtenstein, stated that Lanza is the “perfect professional” to assume the role as she has extensive knowledge of AstroPay’s expansion strategy. He also added that the passion that Lanza possesses is in line with the mission of the company, which is why he’s excited to work with her.

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