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Aspinall’s Club Gambler Says Drinking Cost Him Thousands of Pounds Better

The members' club and the gambler, who claims that due to drinking he lost thousands of pounds, entered into a legal battle

Alcohol doesn’t mix well with a lot of activities and gambling is one of them. Intoxicated people have slower reactions and while some may be aggressive, others feel more relaxed. In any case, drinking while gambling can have dire consequences for the person engaging in such activity and this is precisely the case of a London-based businessman.

The alleged incident dates back to February 2016 and involves Lester Hui, 54, who lost £600,000 ($754,600) to gambling in a single night at a casino. The businessman claimed he was “too drunk to gamble” which resulted in him losing the hefty sum at Aspinall’s Club Ltd, a premium private members’ club that offers casino gambling and a restaurant.

Hui, who claimed that he had several shots of 54% proof Maotai liquor also referred to as Chinese “firewater,” signed a blank cheque which Aspinall wasn’t able to cash. Consequently, the premium members’ club and Hui entered into a legal battle, a report released by the Daily Mail earlier this week reveals.

Too Drunk to Gamble but Not to Drive?

In front of a High Court judge, Aspinall’s barrister, Alexander Robson, rejected Hui’s story, claiming that the businessman exaggerated the details about his drinking at the night when he lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Additionally, the barrister claimed that on the night when Hui lost the money, he went home with his car. Robson said that if employees at Aspinall have seen that the man is too drunk to drive or even incapable, they would have arranged a car for him to go home.

Speaking in front of the judge, Hui said: “I have a memory of the beginning of the evening but after the games and drinking the Maotai I was totally out.” Still, the businessman admitted that he was able to drive back to his home in his Bentley in the early hours of the morning.

Hui claimed that he played a drinking game with Chris De Lima, the casino’s vice president of international marketing. While engaging in a “liar’s dice” game, he admitted he consumed multiple shots of “firewater,” which clouded his judgment and in turn, resulted in significant losses.

The man also claimed that he was aware he would consume alcohol and may get drunk, which is why he instructed Aspinall’s staff to limit his losses to £30,000 ($37,800). In court, the barrister “strongly disputed” the claim made by Hui that he requested his losses to be capped. “If Mr Hui had made any such formal request to limit his gaming to a particular amount, the request would have been recorded and requested,” said Robson.

What’s more, the barrister said that the club wouldn’t expose its reputation to risk. The outcome of the case is yet to be determined as the legal battle continues.


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