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Asmongold Calls Kick’s Overall Strategy Smart and On Point

The popular Twitch creator has long been an outspoken critics of anything from Blizzard’s new games to how content creators use streaming platforms to earn a living

However, Asmongold has had no beef with the way Kick is supposedly “reserving” slots and promoting gambling streams. Kick was launched as an alternative by a number of companies and investors who were unhappy with Twitch’s overreaching policy on gambling streams that prohibited specific websites to be advertised while at the same time failing to define what operators were allowed.

Asmongold Remains Pragmatic in Kick Debate  

The streamer, known mostly by his monicker, has said that there was no issue with what a Reddit post he read was suggesting – namely that Kick may be booking slots for gambling streams. That tracked with the overall strategy of the company Asmongold suggested during a stream. His exact words were:

Kick’s recommended seems to reserve the third and fifth spots for gambling streams.’ There’s a chance that could be the case, I mean listen. Obviously, they’re going to make money off of gambling. This is probably smart to do.


Since Kick launched in March, the platform has already won many Twitch stars, demonstrating its ability to start building from the ground up. Amongst its streamers are famous personalities and established content creators such as xQc, Trainwreck, and Amouranth – all of which had a major presence in the Amazon-owned platform prior to heading out for Kick.

Drake, the famous rapper, is also streaming on Kick on occasion, and the platform already attracts a good amount of viewers. Not only that, but Kick has a far more generous revenue-sharing model, which sees the streamers get 95% of the proceeds against 5% of which go to the platform.

This is a clear act of defiance against other established platforms, including Twitch, that offer their streamers a fraction of the proceeds. Asmongold said that he would not be offering any criticism of the way Kick was doing business either.

Twitch Too Has Clear Gambling Affiliations and Ties

He said that the gambling tangent was not really worth bringing up for the simple reason that Amazon too had a partnership with DraftKings, one of the biggest gambling companies in the United States and North America.

Asmongold has even been considering making the move to Kick himself but has remained mostly neutral and has played no favours in the ongoing community debate that sees Twitch and Kick hotly disputed.

Kick has been already banned in Greece, however, precisely because it has too much gambling content. Weirdly enough, the ban does not cover Twitch, suggesting double standards to an extent.


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