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Asmongold Asked Texas to Categorize Microtransactions as Gambling

Zack “Asmongold,” a prominent gaming celebrity, is concerned with microtransactions in video games. According to the streamer, such practices constitute gambling and therefore should be labeled as such.

Microtransactions in Gaming

Microtransactions are a form of paid content in video games. Many modern game companies would often put in-game costumes and items that players can earn with real-life money. Sometimes microtransactions would provide players with in-game advantages – these are the so-called “pay-to-win” mechanics. Other times, games would only offer paid cosmetics that don’t affect gameplay.

A huge part of the gaming community frowns upon microtransactions, regardless of whether they affect gameplay or not. Asmongold is also a part of this group. In a recent stream, the content creator addressed the matter and went as far as saying that microtransactions constitute gambling.

Asmongold is mostly concerned about the so-called loot boxes. They are a form of microtransactions where players would pay money for a randomized set of content. Naturally, loot boxes do not guarantee that players would get what they want. Because of that, they indeed do share some similarities with gambling.

Asmongold Says Microtransactions Constitute Gambling

Asmongold has taken his battle against microtransactions a step further as he announced that he will get involve the government in this. In his stream, the gaming celebrity revealed that he has contacted the office of Senator Ted Cruz about the matter.

Asmongold hopes to convince the Cruz office to label microtransactions as gambling. According to the streamer, there will be a lot of conservative people who would support the measure. Asmongold accused gaming companies of “indoctrinating kids into gambling” and said that he is willing to oppose microtransactions despite the slim chances of success.

I think that I can get a lot of religious Republican people on board with this by selling it as gambling, because it is. You’re effectively indoctrinating kids into gambling. I don’t know man. I don’t know either but I really wanna try and do it. I’m actually going to try to do this.


Asmongold isn’t entirely sure whether he will be enough to bring about a change but is hellbent on trying.

Ted Cruz isn’t known as a fervent opponent of gambling. In early June, the Senator participated in a charity poker tournament alongside several other internet celebrities. He later admitted that playing with people such as MrBeast and Alexandra Botez had been very fun.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Cruz would not support labeling microtransactions as gambling. It is yet to be seen whether Asmongold’s quest against microtransactions will be successful.


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