November 10, 2021 2 min read

ASA Strikes Down Gambling Ad as Misleading

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has sided with consumers against 888 UK Ltd. and its subsidiary, A complaint flagged one of the subsidiary’s ads which included a countdown timer and had a caption that read “77 Free Spins ENABLED FOR ANOTHER,” which a plaintiff stipulated was misleading and ambiguous.

The free spins did not disappear when the timer reached zero, the complaint argued, which made it confusing to consumers. The ad was called misleading because of two other components, including a claim that “casinos are trying to shut down a free Android app,” and a statement that “everyday people, like Simona Moron, [can] win huge progressive jackpots using nothing but free spins.” addressed those concerns and approached ASA to resolve the issue, explaining that the advertisement was published without the company’s oversight by a third-party affiliate. ASA took this consideration in mind but argued that as the beneficiaries of the advertisement, was responsible for it.

777’s Objection Is Accepted, But Found Insufficient

ASA argued that the use of a timer prompted consumers into action because it suggested time restrictions. However, the timer would refresh itself once the page it was shown on was reloaded. The phrase that “casinos are trying to take down a free Android app” was also not genuine, ASA established.

The allusion to ordinary gamers winning big off free spins was another red flag for the regulator which explained that it suggested that consumers could amass gambling winnings through free spins alone.

This is not necessarily true, as free spins promotions are usually capped at how much can be withdrawn and casinos never allow players to win progressive jackpots playing with bonus free spins.

ASA said that provided the watchdog with no evidence to disprove the regulator’s decision, prompting ASA to conclude that the ad was misleading. ASA recently upheld another ruling against Napoleons Casinos in October.


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    May 18, 2022 at 3:59 am

    I got ripped off for 234$ I verified with ID and then they wanted my bank.card and now they want receipts which I don’t have so I’m ripped off

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