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Aruze Gaming Received iGaming License in Pennsylvania

The supplier remains dedicated to expanding its overall presence and reinforcing its solutions portfolio

Aruze Gaming was approved to provide its cutting-edge iGaming services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The company is a developer of gambling solutions for the global market and Pennsylvania is the second where it has been approved.

Aruze Enters Pennsylvania

The Bureau of Gaming Operations granted the approval, and Aruze promised to continue expanding not only its footprint but also its portfolio of solutions on offer. The company’s approach to casino games is also extended to its iGaming offerings, giving them a unique twist. Pennsylvania’s approval marks the next step in the company’s plans for expansion.

This approval is the next step in our overall business plan to bring the fun of the casino experience to anyone, any time.

Kurt Hansen, the vice president of iGaming, Aruze

He continued by expressing how iGaming makes the casino experience more accessible to more people, and how it solves the problem of not having a casino nearby for gambling fans.

New Jersey is the other state where Aruze is licensed but the expansion into Pennsylvania isn’t exhausting the company’s recent entries in new markets. The Pennsylvania approval is hot on the heels of Aruze’s recent approval in Malta, bulking up the company’s international presence. A UK launch is also on Aruze’s roadmap, with the announcement expected this month.

Pennsylvania Market Blooming

Pennsylvania’s gaming market performed very well in 2022, with financial results for the year showing combined revenue up by almost 11%, climbing from $4.7 billion to $5.2 billion. The biggest driving factor behind this was the $1.4 billion of revenue generated from iGaming – up 22.6% from 2021. Sports betting was the other large contributor to these results.

This is probably one of the reasons why a Pennsylvania approval was high on Aruze’s list for US presence. The state isn’t resting on its laurels, though, and has continued its push forward with market expansion, the introduction of new industry participants, and exposing people to an increasing number of safeguards and gambling harm reduction measures.

For starters, the state is already looking at what it can add to its offerings lineup which currently includes slot machines, table games, video gaming terminals, and fantasy contests, besides the already mentioned sports wagering and iGaming. One of the suggestions for a new vertical was the legalization of esports betting.

Additionally, Compliable is also operational in the state. This means that people aspiring to be gaming specialists would find great assistants from Compliable, which is established in its work with regulators and helps individuals get gaming licenses easier. This is especially important as the market expands, as more venues, mean more need for specialized employees.


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