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Arkansas Sports Betting Handle in November Hits $30.5M, Highest Yet

Arkansas has been able to complete an almost full year of sports betting, posting some exemplary numbers along the way

Even though the state isn’t one of the biggest in terms of population, Arkansas has certainly proven to be one of the most important betting hubs in the United States. The state managed to collect a total of $30.5 million in total bets during November, official data by the Department of Finance and Administration confirmed.

Good Month for Betting in Arkansas

This means that November has been the highest-grossing month in the history of the state insofar as sports betting is concerned. The previous record was set in October with $26.87 million of total wagers placed, and still much ahead of the $21.18 million placed during September.

Arkansas has been in fact registering a robust month-over-month growth in sports betting interest. November is also more than twice ahead of the June results which saw $12.60 million worth of bets placed in the state.

The Department did not offer further breakdown into the November numbers but said that in October, more than $20 million had been placed through mobile apps with the remaining $6.1 million going through the state’s three licensed casinos.

The Department also said that over the past 11 months, the state handled more than $124 million in total bets. However, online sports gambling has been available in Arkansas since March. The period between January and March saw gamblers limited to land-based options only.

Arkansas also made several changes to its gambling industry over the past several months. The state finally picked a provider for its gambling treatment service, choosing the Problem Gambling Council as the official educational and treatment provider.

The delay has been criticized with the state officially earmarking $200,000 of the tax money generated through gambling towards the tackling of problem gambling but then taking years to actually set it up.


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