September 23, 2022 2 min read


Arkansas Racing Commission Approves Wide Area Jackpot Systems

The Arkansas Racing Commission has approved a pitch by the Saracen Casino in Pine Bluff, to link the state’s gambling machines with those from other states. This decision is possible thanks to a ruling against the Wire Act that briefly threatened to upset cross-border gambling during the Trump administration.

New Opportunity to Bring Jackpots to People

With the pesky piece of legislation settled and out of the way, gambling machines in Arkansas are now part of a growing network of similar machines located in other states. The upshot is significant pooled jackpots that will now be available to any player, regardless of the state they play in.

These jackpots can easily hit six or seven figures, too. One of the systems used to link up the gambling machines is provided by IGT which connects wide areas into its own progressive system. This will give local casinos an even stronger marketing tool and increase their appeal to consumers who are looking for even bigger jackpots to try and play.

One specific feature of these jackpots, however, is that they often come with a maximum bet requirement in order for people to qualify for the jackpot games. According to an IGT spokesperson, interest in jackpots increases when people hear that the prize purse has surpassed a specific threshold, much like it does for Powerball.

Casinos in Arkansas Become No Different Than Las Vegas’

Some of the games available for gambling machines include the Wheel of Fortune title, which is a popular jackpot option. Now, companies are motivated to further explore the opportunities laid bare before them. Thanks to the amendment passed by the Arkansas Gaming Commission, the state has become a “true casino state” to begin with.

Thanks to these wide area jackpots, casinos in Arkansas have the opportunity to feel and act as if they were Vegas-style casinos. In fact, Saracen is already linked to casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, making for a tremendous experience for regular customers.


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