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APAJO to Discourage Ads on Sites that Infringe Copyright

The APAJO vowed to work with other signees and limit the money received by entities that refuse to follow the rules

Portugal’s online gambling association, the Associação Portuguesa de Apostas e Jogos Online (APAJO), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to reduce advertising on websites that infringe copyright.

The memorandum in question is promoted by the European Commission, which seeks to combat copyright infringing websites. This primarily targets online domains that stream or pirate content they do not have a license for. By taking action against such online entities, the MoU signees effectively limit the money that copyright infringers receive.

As outlined by the commission, the APAJO joins 29 stakeholders that are already working to bring advertising on piracy and illegitimate streaming sites down. These also include the Portuguese Association of Advertisers (APAN).

APAJO and the rest of the signees will work to promote better practices and develop initiatives and actions that improve IPR enforcement practices. The MoU has so far been successful in raising awareness that companies’ online ads may end up on sites that illegally disseminate copyrighted content.

The APAJO Is Committed to Playing by the Rules

Ricardo Domingues, the president of the APAJO commented on his organization’s commitment to taking action against copyright infringement. He explained that advertising is a core pillar of the regulated gambling industry. Because of that, it is crucial to advertise responsibly without funding shady sites that illegally distribute content.

Domingues explained that the iGaming industry is a relevant advertiser that is fully aware of the issue at hand. He noted that the members of his association know that when they promote their brands and activities, they also have the responsibility to promote good advertising and communication practices.

As operators in the regulated gambling sector, APAJO members know how important it is not to promote unlicensed content and bad practices. Domingues concluded that the APAJO and its members fully subscribe to the spirit and mission of the MoU. Because of that, the association promised to promote the memorandum to its partners and across its various activities.

The APAJO has long been committed to safety and regulation. In November, the association launched a campaign against illegal online gambling seeking to promote the legal market ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

During that campaign, the APAJO educated customers on the dangers of playing with unlicensed websites. It reminded players that when they play with illegal operators, their deposits, winnings and personal data are at risk.


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