February 7, 2023 3 min read


Another Effort to Legalize Mobile Sports Betting in Texas

Gambling and sports betting companies are keen to tap into the potential of the second-largest state in the USA

Texas gets closer to the legalization of mobile sports betting as a new bill gains traction. The bill, known as SB 715, was introduced by state senator Lois Kolkhorst on Monday and seeks to bring the vertical to the second-largest state in the US.

Experts believe that the new bill may be more successful than previously proposed measures because of Kolkhorst’s support. The Republican is known as a close ally of lieutenant governor Dan Patrick and may convince him to change his harsh stance on gambling.

Patrick has historically been very opposed to the expansion of the state’s gambling industry. Although some suggest that Kolkhorst’s support of sports betting may convince the governor otherwise, it is still early to say for certain.

According to Kolkhorst, the new bill envisions the creation of a safe and secure mobile sports betting industry that would be a better alternative to the pervasive black market. He explained that illegal offshore betting sites have a huge market share in Texas and added that allowing them to remain unchallenged “doesn’t make sense.”

Kolkhorst’s measure is more or less in line with another similar bill introduced by representative Jeff Leach. Both bills seek to create and expand a sports betting market in the Lone Star State and both seek to tax sportsbooks at 10% of their revenue.

Industry Leaders Support Gambling and Sports Betting in Texas

SB 715 has quickly secured the support of Cal McNair and Tilman Fertitta, owners of the Houston Texans and the Houston Rockets respectively. Fertitta, who is a seasoned gambling industry veteran, believes that it is high time to legalize sports betting in the state.

According to Fertitta, sports betting is a way to make fans feel closer to their favorite teams and players. It practically helps audiences become a part of the action, helping them be more engaged. In addition, Fertitta warned people of the dangers of the illegal market where “no one wins.”

I applaud Senator Kolkhorst and Representative Leach for recognizing the need to address the illegal market in Texas.

Tilman Fertitta

Texas has long been one of the states where gambling has been largely frowned upon. However, in recent times, there have been active efforts to change that. While Kolkhorst and his allies are busy trying to legalize mobile wagering on sports, other lawmakers are trying to get casino resorts authorized in the state.

With Texas being one of the most populous US states, industry giants have been keen to tap into its potential.


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