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AMC Introduced Sports Feed-Related Slot Machine Bonus

A company synonymous with groundbreaking casino technology, Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC), announced a new slot machine bonus powered by its casino management system.

Entice Sports Fans

Leading casino loyalty and technology expert AMC introduced the PayAction Sports Bonus that will allow any slot machine connected to its Foundation casino management system to award players with bonuses triggered by live sports data feed. The bonus was part of AMC’s 2021 Global Gaming Expo lineup.

Looking to meet and even excel modern consumer demand for casino play, the Foundation casino management system offers operators a high level of customization based on real-time data, adaptable credit meters and bonuses that could be deployed to any mobile device to allow them to optimize their relationship with each player and maximize long-term profitability.

Foundation gives casinos unprecedented ability to connect slot machine behavior with live real-world events. Players are going to love the feeling of winning more just because their favorite team scored, and they’ll be willing to play more just to experience the thrill.”

Noah Acres, AMC

The new PayAction Sports Bonus interfaces slot machines with live sports data feed and is capable of triggering bonuses based on a wide range of occurring events, like a goal or a touchdown, while the bonus amount is automatically paid to the game’s credit meter.

Linking Slot Play with Sports

Described as highly configurable by the company, the PayAction Sports Bonus can be activated by any event on the field related to any team or player in any sport – all these parameters are up to the casino operator to decide upon. The bonus can trigger a period of double payments or any other incentive that will further entice players to participate while rooting for their favorite team.

We’re actively negotiating with sports franchises, athletes and brands interested in distributing their own branded jackpots. PayAction is just the latest example of how AMC is using Foundation to reinvent the player experience.”

Noah Acres, AMC

Eligibility of payments can also be configured so that the bonus operates in a profitable way, while bonus prizes can be paid to the game’s meter or to the Acres Wallet in either cashable or non-cashable credits.

AMC already established a partnership with one of the largest US casino operators, Penn National Gaming, with several of the casino properties of the company already utilizing AMC’s Foundation casino management system, while other casinos will deploy Foundation pending regulatory approval.

In August, Penn’s new Hollywood Casino York in Pennsylvania saw the launch of the system, following in the footsteps of the company’s Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course and the Meadows Racetrack & Casino in the state.

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