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Altercation Over Slot Machine Leads to Senior’s Arrest in Vegas Casino

The senior was apprehended and now confronts allegations related to assault and possessing a concealed weapon without the required permit

In a bizarre incident at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, a 70-year-old man named Mitchell Graham was apprehended after an altercation over a casino slot machine allegedly resulted in a stabbing with a steak knife.

The incident took place on the morning of New Year’s Eve, with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police responding to a service call about a battery with a deadly weapon at the Orleans casino on Tropicana Avenue. Graham was taken into custody and is now facing charges of battery and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, reported Fox 5 Vegas.

According to court documents, Graham, who had been gambling at the casino, went to use the restroom after inserting money into a slot machine. Upon his return, he found another individual occupying the seat he had been using. 

Graham confronted the person, insisting he vacate the seat. The dispute escalated when the other man allegedly grabbed the cash voucher from the slot machine and attempted to walk away.

In response, Graham, claiming the money was rightfully his, displayed a 3-4 inch steak knife. The situation intensified, leading to the victim sustaining a superficial cut on his right rib cage. 

Witnesses reported Graham making a stabbing motion, while a female onlooker mentioned Graham’s threat to punch the victim if he did not leave the machine.

Graham was promptly arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center, facing charges of battery with a deadly weapon. He is scheduled for a preliminary court hearing on January 17.

Graham’s Defense Clashes with Victim’s Account in Casino Stabbing

Investigations revealed differing accounts of the incident. Graham contended that the other man turned into him, resulting in the stabbing, while the victim maintained he was playing a different slot machine, having added $20 to the 50 cents already present.

The victim, who suffered a superficial cut on his rib cage, expressed his upset, stating that he was stabbed for no apparent reason. The surveillance footage was reviewed by police, indicating Graham’s actions during the altercation.

The Orleans Hotel and Casino, known for its vibrant atmosphere, now faces an unexpected episode in its history as legal proceedings unfold in the wake of this unusual confrontation over a casino slot machine.

The Orleans Hotel and Casino, located off the Las Vegas Strip, is a vibrant resort owned by Boyd Gaming Corporation. Boasting a Mardi Gras theme, the facility offers a diverse range of amenities, including a casino, hotel accommodations, entertainment venues, dining options, and recreational features like a bowling alley and spa services.


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