July 11, 2023 3 min read


Altenar Confirms Strategic Partnership with nVenue

The new strategic deal will bring benefits to Altenar and nVenue, highlighting the importance of micro-betting and the thrilling experiences such wagers bring

The leading sportsbook and supplier of iGaming software, Altenar, announced Tuesday a new strategic partnership with the innovative sports technology company, nVenue. Under the freshly minted deal, nVenue is expected to leverage Altenar’s advanced platform. At the same time, Altenar will be able to tap into nVenue’s unique micro-betting technology. Ultimately, the collaborations seek to help boost engagement with sports betting customers around the globe and deliver unique and thrilling experiences.

For Altenar, the deal complements its micro-betting capabilities. This is a unique niche within the betting vertical that grants sports fans and bettors options for placing micro bets involving different aspects of sporting events. Such bets help boost fan engagement during live sports events and deliver thrilling and exciting experiences. Micro-betting brings unique fan engagement options that them to wager on real-time game moments such as player performance, statistical outcomes and more.

The deal between the duo underlines the growing popularity of micro-betting as a must-have for sports betting operators around the globe. The activity is already enjoying rapid growth and is adopted by many of the major betting operators.

The collaboration between nVenue and Altenar brings unique benefits to the duo. This is because it enables two companies with significant expertise to join forces and deliver elevated sports wagering experiences. At the same time, Altenar and nVenue contribute toward the growth of betting through innovation.

Only recently, Altenar announced another important deal by joining forces with Flows, a leading sportsbook provider of no-code integration and automation platforms. Earlier this month, the deal saw Altenar tap into Flows’ no-code integration and automation platform that delivers efficiencies and helps reduce costs related to different processes.

The Two Companies Are Excited to Join Forces

Jeremy Jones, nVenue’s chief revenue officer, said that the company is delighted to sign the latest deal with Altenar. “This partnership emphasizes the increasing popularity of micro-betting as a vital feature in the world of betting, essential for any major sportsbook,” he explained.

Additionally, Jones pointed out that micro-betting helped boost fan engagement during live sports events and added that nVenue is excited to sign this strategic partnership with Altenar. Finally, he predicted that the collaboration with the company will help revolutionize the experience for sports fans and bettors.

By combining our one-of-a-kind, unique micro-bets with Altenar’s advanced platform, we are confident in our ability to provide a game-changing experience that will revolutionize how fans across the world engage with sports betting.

 Jeremy Jones, chief revenue officer at nVenue

Antonis Karakousis, Altenar’s director of operations, said that the company is thrilled to team up with an important provider of innovative sports technology such as nVenue. He explained that the collaboration highlights the popularity and unique experiences delivered by micro-betting. Finally, Karakousis predicted that the new partnership will result in benefits for the two companies, as well as sports bettors.


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