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Allwyn Rebrands Camelot Illinois as Allwyn North America

The rebranding aligns with the ongoing integration of the Camelot brands into the Allwyn family

Allwyn, a major international lottery company, has unveiled its intentions to rebrand Camelot Illinois, one of its subsidiaries, as Allwyn North America. The move follows Allwyn’s acquisition of the Camelot Lotteries Solutions group and reflects the former company’s ambition to form a consistent brand identity.

According to Allwyn’s official announcement, the rebranding is in line with the ongoing integration of the Camelot brands into the Allwyn family. As a result of these efforts, Camelot Lotteries Solutions was rebranded as Allwyn Lotteries Solutions earlier this year.

Allwyn is a fast-growing company in Europe and the successor of Camelot as the operator of the United Kingdom’s National Lottery. The company is also increasingly bullish on expanding its presence in North America and investing in the local market. This ambition is reflected in the current rebranding of Camelot Illinois as Allwyn North America.

The rebranded division will, meanwhile, continue its hard work to popularize the Allwyn brand across the region, tapping into the potential of the American market.

Allwyn noted that no changes to Allwyn’s North American management team, business focus, products or services have been made as a result of the rebranding and the earlier acquisition.

Allwyn Seeks Opportunities in the NA Region

Allwyn Group’s chief executive officer, Robert Chvátal, shared his thoughts on the rebrand and the importance of North America to his team. He called the region an “important market” for Allwyn and said that it offers “strong potential for future growth.”

Our entry into the North America builds upon Allwyn’s strong track record of successfully operating lotteries across Europe, delivering value to our customers, focusing on player protection and growing lottery returns to communities.

Robert Chvátal, CEO, Allwyn

Chvátal added that Camelot Illinois (now Allwyn North America) and Allwyn share the same passion for engaging players while generating funds for good causes. He concluded that the rebrand represents a major milestone in the two parties’ journey to achieve this.

Wayne Pickup, Allwyn North America’s chief executive officer, also commented on the matter, expressing his team’s commitment to serving consumers, engaging players and growing lottery revenue and money for good causes.

Leveraging the global resources, expertise and talent across the Allwyn group will serve to strengthen the results we help the State of Illinois and all our customers achieve.

Wayne Pickup, CEO, Allwyn NA

A month ago, Allwyn also announced new leadership reshuffles in the UK ahead of the UK National Lottery takeover.


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