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Allwyn: Camelot Drops Claim for UK Lottery Re-Tendering

Allwyn Entertainment, the leading multi-national lottery operator, confirmed that Camelot withdrew from the legal challenge regarding the National Lottery license in the United Kingdom.

Allwyn’s National Lottery License Win Led to Court Dispute

On Monday, the company revealed that Camelot decided to pull out of the legal challenge. It was back in March when the UK Gambling Commission, the regulator in the country, approved Allwyn as the winner of the fourth lottery license. This meant that Allwyn would take over the lottery from Camelot, the company that used to run the lottery for nearly three decades since it launched back in 1994. Early in 2024, when Camelot’s license is planned to expire, the company would transfer the National Lottery operation to Allwyn.

Howver, losing against Allwyn resulted in a legal dispute launched by Camelot. This led to an automatic temporary suspension that prevented the Commission from inking agreements with Allwyn to initiate the process of transition. Then, late in June, a court ruling lifted the automatic suspension. Consequently, Camelot filed an appeal against the decision which resulted in further temporary suspension.

Now, according to a statement released by Allwyn, the company confirms Camelot withdrew from the legal challenge. At the same time, the duo agreed that Allwyn waives its claims for costs or damages against Camelot.

Today, Allwyn announced that the Camelot Entities have decided to withdraw the Camelot Appeal, and Allwyn Entertainment Ltd and Allwyn International A.S. have agreed to waive all claims for costs or damages against the Camelot Entities,

reads a statement released by Allwyn Entertainment

Allwyn welcomed the decision and said that it is looking forward to collaborating with the Gambling Commission and Camelot for the transition of the lottery. The company also said that it is exciting to initiate the process of being the keeper of the biggest lottery operation in Europe.

Allwyn is excited at the prospect of becoming the custodian of Europe’s biggest lottery,

explains Allwyn Entertainment

Only recently, a legal submission obtained by The Observer revealed that the Gambling Commission warned the legal dispute over the National Lottery license may impact good causes. The Commission warned that due to the legal claim, £1 billion ($1.2 billion) in payments to good causes may be disrupted. What’s more, the regulator said that if the legal battle continues a gap in the service may be created between the expiry of Camelot’s license and the start of Allwyn’s operations. Considering Allwyn’s most recent announcement, so far, it looks like the legal battle over the UK National Lottery license is near its end.


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