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Alleged Dice Sliding Cheaters Win $225K in Las Vegas Casino

Despite several years have passed after the alleged incident, four people believed to be involved in the dice sliding scheme are being investigated

A group that allegedly cheated for multiple days at a casino on the Las Vegas Strip is being investigated. The incident dates back to November and December 2021, when four people, allegedly involved in the activity were able to collect more than $200,000 in winnings by using a dice sliding scheme, a report released by 8News Now reveals.

Judging by documents from investigators with the gambling regulator in Nevada, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), the alleged perpetrators used the scheme at The Cosmopolitan. However, the group may have also used the scheme at other Las Vegas casinos, such as Resorts World, around the same time as the other incidents, the documents reveal.

Before illegally sliding the dice (one person from the group) would signal the other by placing single wagers in a circle motion around the main screen (wagers),

explain documents from the Nevada Gaming Control Board

Four people might be involved in the cheating scheme. Hau Ngo, Antcharaporn Kamonlert, Oscar Rodriguez and Max Rappoport are currently under investigation for their alleged participation in the illicit activity, the NGCB confirmed. Participants of the group were allegedly “observed both together on the table and away from it, during and after fraudulent dice sliding activities occurred.”

Oldest Trick in the Book

According to the NGCB, the suspects were identified thanks to video footage and information tied to their gaming cards. Documents also reveal that the group reportedly was able to accumulate some $225,000 in winnings, allegedly by using the cheating scheme. A hearing on the case with the Las Vegas Justice Court is planned for June 1, 2023.

The cheating method involved dice sliding and sliding occurs when the shooter slides one or both dice across the table in order to prevent the cubes from rolling. The dice will be in the same position as they started, allowing the shooter to control the outcome of the game,

documents from the NGCB reveal

The sliding dice scheme isn’t anything new. It can involve multiple people in order to cheat casinos and secure easy winnings. The way it works is that the person who needs to throw the dice at a craps table, for example, would signal an accomplice for a bet and then instead of throwing the dice, they simply slide them. This allows the person that holds the dice to manipulate the outcome of the game round and win.


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