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Hustler Casino: Controversial Hand Results in Cheating Accusations

A highly controversial move from a poker game at the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles resulted in accusations of cheating among two players.

Going All in with a Jack High and Winning?

Last week Thursday, Garrett Adelstein, a famous American professional poker player from Tuscon, Arizona, played in a high-stakes game at the famous casino. One of his opponents was Robbi Jade Lew, a professional player from California. A hand deemed as “one of the strangest poker hands” ever seen started with Adelstein betting. Lew called on his bets but then on the turn, Adelstein went all in. At the time the poker pro went all in he had the strongest hand. Still, his opponent Lew called on his semi-bluff which without any doubt proved to be a highly controversial move

Considering that the event was broadcasted, even the commentators could not believe the move Lew made. Even more, the event commentator asked if it is possible for Lew’s cards being displayed to be misread in any way. Upon calling on Adelstein’s semi-bluff, Lew said: “This was a pure bluff catcher.”

While Adelstein was going for a straight flush, after the river, his hand was bust. In the end, Lew won the controversial hand with a jack high. Everyone at the event was surprised by Lew’s win with a jack high, even the commentator pointed out that winning with such cards is super strange. After losing the hand Adelstein stood in disbelief. As a seasoned veteran with plenty of poker experience, he could not believe what just happened. He discussed the situation once again but was irritated with the outcome of the hand. Shortly after, accusations of cheating emerged.

Accusations of Cheating Emerged

Adelstein released a statement via Twitter discussing the situation. He acknowledged that poker is a difficult and complicated game, still, he went on to explain in detail why Lew’s move was controversial. According to him, the “scariest/easiest” way to cheat during a live stream is by using a device that vibrates when the player has the best hand. Adelstein claimed that once he went all in, there was no way for Lew to call on that move unless she was using such a device.

I’m sure that plan was to minraise the turn and win the hand on the river when I don’t improve. But that all changed when I read her for extremely weak on the turn and made an unorthodox play by raising all in. At that point, she would know she still has the best hand if she had such a hidden device,

reads a statement released by Adelstein

The poker pro pointed out that there’s another method for cheating that is related to hacking the card reader technology. “In the end, there’s obviously no way at the moment to know exactly how I was cheated,” wrote Adelstein. 

He revealed that even if he was cheated, he does not doubt HCL. Lew, Adelstein and the co-owner Ryan Feldman, then had a talk, most of which was off camera. Following the talk, Lew agreed to pay back Adelstein. He wrote that he accepted this offer because this was the closest he would get to a confession while at the same time knowing that it is nearly “impossible to get refunded in these cheating scandals.”


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  • Sigh
    October 3, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    There are a lot of videos of how he plays . She knew he was bluffing , she had a blocker .
    Overexposed pros get upset because their bluffs don’t work like they use to

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