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All-Index Rates Inclusion and Diversity at Gambling Firms

The All-Index, an annual survey measuring diversity, inclusion, and belonging within specific global industries, released its 2020-2021 report, focusing on the gambling world. Participating companies received a score of 1-100, and the overall data helped create a clearer picture of the global industry trends.

The document started by acknowledging the impact of COVID-19 on consumer, employee, and employer behaviors and the significant shift towards digitalization many organizations had to undertake. The 2021 All-In Diversity project collaborated with Meta to assess the pandemic’s effects on the gambling industry and focused on three key aspects.

The Report Showed Large Room for Improvement

Demographics-wise, over 85% of participants identified as “white” even though gambling is a thriving global industry. Nearly 10% identified as “other” or refused to reply. Asian and Hispanic/Latin participants accounted for only 3%.

This lack of diversity is likely to have a negative impact on the industry if the key findings are an indication of a long-term trend.

All-Index ® 2021/22 Annual Report

The survey’s second point of focus was on potential blind spots. More than 50% of participants identified as supervisor/manager or higher. When asked about the impact of COVID on their employees, 12% of leaders identified women, non-binary, LGBTQ, and younger people as the most vulnerable groups. 18% of managers believed women had suffered the most, while 9% thought older people had been the most negatively impacted. None of the surveyed leaders/managers believed the pandemic had negatively impacted ethnic minorities or disabled groups.

The results show that there are blind spots at the top. This not only helps explain the lack of diversity in the industry but has reputational and operational ramifications.

All-Index ® 2021/22 Annual Report

The third key finding of the report was on the generation gap between managers and new employees regarding the top deciding factors when choosing a job. Flexibility and working from home was a common desire among all corporate levels. However, the Junior/Entry Level participants prioritized employer ethics, social impact, and a diverse, inclusive workplace environment. These points were not a priority for leaders and managers, showing a widening cultural divide between generations.

Some Participating Businesses Received High Ratings

The annual report included 40 organizations across 16 jurisdictions and over 140,000 employees. It identified sports betting, slots, and table games as the most popular gambling products and acknowledged the industry’s growing impact.

The betting and gambling industry is a reflection of society, placing it in the unique position of being able to act as a barometer for emerging global trends and changes in society.

All-Index ® 2021/22 Annual Report

Sky Betting and Gaming scored the highest with 85/100 among participating gambling companies. Operator Kindred Group came second with 79. IGT made the top three with a score of 78, while gambling product and service provider Light & Wonder shared fourth place with operator Penn National, sitting at 73. The report lauded their diversity and inclusion initiatives and offered broader industry advice on adapting to the new trends of the post-COVID world.

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