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Alabama Head Baseball Coach Fired Amid Betting Integrity Scandal

Recently, Alabama Crimson Tide’s 8-6 loss to LSU raised eyebrows, especially considering that Ohio’s gambling regulator received concerning data regarding a “suspicious wagering activity.” The data was provided by the Las Vegas-based independent integrity monitoring company called, US Integrity, which filed a report for the recent baseball game. This led to a temporary halt on sports betting for events involving the Crimson Tide amid concerns for the integrity of such events.

Greg Sankey, SEC’s commissioner issued a statement on Wednesday explaining that the SEC is aware of the betting suspension for Alabama baseball games. “We will continue to monitor available information and any regulatory activity,” explained the statement. Additionally, Sankey acknowledged that with the widespread legalization of sports, competitive integrity may be threatened.

Brad Bohannon Relieved from His Duties

It hasn’t taken long before action was taken in light of the scandal. A statement released by the University of Alabama on Thursday confirmed that the head baseball coach, Brad Bohannon, will be fired. The announcement came from the director of athletics, Greg Byrne, who confirmed that the process for the termination of the coach has already started.

Alabama director of athletics Greg Byrne announced he has initiated the termination process for head baseball coach Brad Bohannon for, among other things, violating the standards, duties, and responsibilities expected of University employees,

reads a statement released by the University of Alabama

Not unexpectedly, the main reasons behind the decision to fire Bohannon included a breach of duties, standards and responsibilities. As a result, Byrne confirmed that the head coach was relieved of his duties. Bohannon’s position will be filled by Jason Jackson, who will take on the role as an interim head coach. The University refrained from further comments, while an investigation on the matter is still ongoing.

Bohannon has been relieved of all duties and Jason Jackson will serve as the interim head coach. There will be no further comment at this time pending an ongoing review,

explains the University of Alabama

A separate statement released by Sankey explained that the University has taken “swift action,” considering the integrity threat scandal involving baseball. He said that safeguarding the integrity of sports is a strategic ongoing goal for the SEC. Finally, Sankey said that any integrity threat must be met with zero tolerance.


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