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Alabama Gov. Ivey Shows Support for Gambling Proposal

The Governor explained that the proposal will help fight against the illegal gambling offering while at the same time delivering legal forms of gambling entertainment

The 2024 legislative session in Alabama will focus on a number of issues, including election voting, education and gaming. State Gov. Kay Ivey issued her 2024 State of the State Address, highlighting a number of important initiatives that will be among the priorities for lawmakers this year. In her State of the State Address, she showed support for an initiative that “prohibits ballot harvesting” in Alabama.

Additionally. Gov. Ivey supported an education proposal and spoke about the importance of resolving the state’s issue with gambling. Speaking about a current proposal that paves the way for the expansion of gambling in Alabama, she expressed hope that lawmakers will review it further. What’s more, Gov. Ivey vowed to monitor the progress of the proposal.

Currently, a proposal sponsored by Rep. Chris Blackshear calls for the expansion of gambling in Alabama. In reality, to do this, two different bills are needed: one that would amend the state’s constitution and another to establish gambling activities.

This year when Alabamians make their way to the ballot box, I hope they will be voting on another issue: Gaming. I believe the current proposal being contemplated by the Legislature is good for Alabama, and I will be carefully watching it move through the process,

wrote Gov. Kay Ivey

The Bill Will Help in the Fight against Illegal Gambling

Per the current draft bill about the gambling expansion, the state would authorize the development of casino gambling at different locations, as well as the establishment of a lottery. The legalization of online sports betting is also part of the proposal.

The last time residents in Alabama voted on a gambling proposal was more than two decades ago. Since then, different proposals have not gained much traction. While the new bill will be reviewed by lawmakers, its future remains uncertain. This is because its success is contingent on a majority approval from the state’s Senate and House along with a green light from Alabama’s voters.

According to Gov. Ivey, the proposal will help in the fight against illegal gambling. At the same time, she said, the bill would help deliver regulated forms of gambling and this includes lottery as well. “Thank you to Speaker Ledbetter and his leadership team for their hard work on this. Now is the time for Alabama voters to have another say on this issue,” added Gov. Ivey.

The gambling proposal still has a long way ahead of it. Yet, the support from the Governor sends a clear signal to the lawmakers about the importance of the matter.


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