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AGA Toolkit Warns about the Dangers of Human Trafficking

The AGA has released an anti-human trafficking industry toolkit, adding to existing National Human Trafficking Prevention Month initiatives

The American Gaming Association (AGA), a United States gambling industry association, has reiterated its commitment to combating human trafficking by releasing a new toolkit. The new release has everything gaming industry bodies need to spread awareness of the issue.

The Toolkit Is Packed with Educational Materials

Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems the gaming industry faces, especially in countries where it is not well-regulated. As a body that has been long aware of the seriousness of the issue, the AGA has long been working to promote awareness of the problem.

In June last year, for example, the association published its anti-human trafficking guide which provided companies with crucial information about preventing such crimes. With January being National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the AGA has doubled down on its efforts in the war on human trafficking and has released a new toolkit.

As first announced by Gambling Insider, the new toolkit includes everything that companies and workers in the gaming sector need to promote safety. It comes packed with educational materials and social media graphics that can help people better understand the issue. In addition, the AGA will run various programs for gaming employees where they can learn more.

The AGA has also picked four weekly themes that will see it promote awareness throughout the entire month. The first week of January saw it support survivors of human trafficking. The topic of the current week is Work with Law Enforcement. From January 15 to 21, the AGA will talk about the “Unite with Travel Partners” topic. Finally, the association will seek to Empower Employees.

The AGA Believes Unity Is Needed

According to the AGA, the new toolkit will allow companies to take key messages and use them to communicate important information about the various aspects of human trafficking. According to the association, all bodies in the gaming sector have a “moral and legal obligation” to keep their customers and employees safe.

The AGA hopes that its campaign will educate people about the dangers of human trafficking and inspire companies to do more to oppose crimes of this nature. The association emphasized that it remains “deeply committed” to advancing industry efforts and making sure that the industry remains responsible in the markets under AGA’s influence.

The AGA emphasized that its new toolkit seeks to add to existing National Human Trafficking Prevention Month initiatives. The association concluded that it is important to remain united when tackling the issue.


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