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AGA Endorses New Law to Combat Human Trafficking in the US

The proposed legislation, introduced by congressmen David Valadao and Troy Carter, aims to establish a certification program under the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has expressed its support for a new law designed to stop human trafficking

New Law Aims to Certify Businesses in Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

The Human Trafficking Awareness Training Recognition Act, introduced by Congressmen David Valadao of California and Troy Carter of Louisiana, seeks to create a certification program under the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Blue Campaign. This will certify employers who teach their staff how to spot and fight against human trafficking.

Bill Miller, AGA President and CEO, said: “Businesses across hospitality, entertainment and transportation have a responsibility to bolster the front lines in the fight against human trafficking and the gaming industry is wholly committed to this imperative. The AGA thanks Reps. Valadao and Carter for their commitment to combating this detestable crime and for recognizing businesses that share this commitment.”

Congressman Valadao pointed out that California has the highest number of reported cases related to human trafficking in America. He emphasized the importance of training workers employed in key industries with skills necessary for detection and intervention concerning this crime. 

Valado further stated that often employees working within hospitality, entertainment or transportation are among the first people who come across situations involving trafficking and their attentiveness can save lives. Thus, the congressman called on all government levels to unite efforts towards raising awareness about and combating the growing threat posed by this type of offense.

Congressman Calls for Action Against Human Trafficking in Major Tourist Destinations

Congressman Carter noted New Orleans’ status as one of the major tourist destinations in the US which unfortunately also serves as a hotbed for human slavery rings.

Carter further added: “This initiative honors the commitment of businesses actively working to combat these crimes and encourages more companies to join the cause. We must do everything in our power to prevent the sale and transportation of human lives.”

The proposed law directs the DHS to establish a Blue Campaign Certification Program which will grant yearly recognition to employers that adequately educate their workers on human trafficking awareness. Those businesses that join will get a completion certificate showing their fight against the vice.

Also, within two years of the implementation of this act, DHS must submit an assessment report about its impact and progress.In this regard, AGA has always been ahead of others. It launched an online training program in January 2024 together with RG24seven Virtual Training.

This initiative, rolled out during Human Trafficking Prevention Month, offers free training for gaming industry employees. It contains educative videos and quizzes followed by a recognized certificate once one completes them successfully.


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