AGA Adds Upcoming USFL to List of Responsible Gambling Partners

As the reach of regulated sports gambling increases in the United States, so does the reach of responsible gambling practices. To this end, the United States Football League (USFL) has become the latest member to join American Gaming Association (AGA)’s efforts to boost awareness for the issue and try and tackle the problem.

AGA Seeks to Expand Awareness for Responsible Gambling

Arguably the legalization of sports betting in most of North America has taken precedence over the introduction of reliable responsible gambling guidelines, but “Have a Game Plan” wants to change that. The move comes at a time when betting activity has reached its pre-pandemic levels as well.

Because of this AGA is confident that it may offer a solution and adding USFL to its fold of partners working towards that solution is a great way to start. The USFL is owned and sponsored by Fox Sports which gives it even more exposure with consumers. Fox has already invested $200 million to have the league set up and running over the next three years, with some of this going to responsible gambling.

The USFL is yet to make its debate and it’s an attempt to fill the gap left by the lack of NFL games in the off-season. The league is expected to launch on April 16 and it will start with eight teams. The opening season will be based in Alabama and Fox Sports is hoping that it can build from there. Most attempts to create an alternative, lower-tier American football league have hit a wall so far.

Prior to the pandemic, the Alliance of American Football wanted to be a viable alternative where players may get drafted into the NFL, but the league barely lasted a year, announcing bankruptcy a year after it was set up in 2019. AGA though wants to tackle one issue at a time, and this time it will be problem gambling, a lingering problem in most societies that have legalized sports betting at the rate the US has done.

AGA is already teaming up with some of the most prominent betting brands, giving its campaign a lot of clout. Those partnerships include names such as the UFC, Entain, RSI, and DraftKings to name a few. With 33 states now legalizing sports gambling through retail and interactive options, this means that over half of the nation’s adults have access to sports gambling.

USFL Is a Welcomed Partner to AGA

AGA is expecting to see 29 million more Americans possibly bet on March Madness this year. Commenting on the partnership between AGA and the USFL, league EVP of business operations Edward Hartman said:

“We’re proud to partner with the AGA to help drive the important message to bet responsibly. As sports wagering expands nationwide, the USFL is committed to helping educate our fans so they can better enjoy the experience.”

AGA and the USFL, league EVP of business operations Edward Hartman

AGA is confident that its campaign may reach out to the most people who bet and drive a socially responsible gambling experience. The trade group has focused on tackling gambling harm but also boosting awareness for licensed gambling sites, as it estimates that most problem gambling develops in the unlicensed market due to poor player protection measures.

AGA senior VP Casey Clark has welcomed the opportunity to partner up with the USFL and create fresh opportunities for bolster responsible gambling in the United States. “Responsible gaming leadership, from professional sports leagues like the USFL, is critical to getting sports betting right,” Clark said.

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