AFE and DGOJ Team up to Fight Match-Fixing in Spain

Aiming at reducing match-fixing, the Association of Spanish Footballers and the Spanish gambling regulator teamed up. The two organizations will raise awareness by releasing informative content via a newly-established communication channel.

DGOJ and AFE Step up Their Efforts to Fight Match-Fixing

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and the Spanish gambling regulatorDireccion General de Ordenacion del Juego” (DGOJ) have announced a key partnership. Under the partnership, AFE and DGOJ will join forces to fight match-fixing in the country. The two organizations agree that match-fixing can be harmful for football, athletes and the even sports fans. Furthermore, match-fixing can also be harmful for betting operators and other participants in the sector.

As a result, the organizations have created an informative communication channel. The channel will be used for both educational and informative purposes and will feature content which aims at raising awareness. Besides within the communication channel, such informative campaigns are also going to be featured on social media.

The partnership between DGOJ and AFE comes at a time when the country introduced series of gambling ad restrictions aiming at reducing gambling-related harm. The new gambling ad restrictions were approved on November 3 by the Spain’s Council of Ministers.

Under the new rules, gambling advertising on TV, radio and even YouTube videos was restricted to the hours from 1 am to 5 am. Moreover, the new restrictions brought an end to gambling sponsorship.

Under the new rules, gambling sponsorship was banned. No exception was made for the football teams. The Spanish football teams will have until the end of 2020/2021 season to cut all sponsorship ties with betting companies.

Furthermore, last month, the Spanish Minister for Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzon has sent a letter to the clubs reminding them of the new restrictions. With that in mind, the football clubs in Spain will have time until the end of August 2021 to source new opportunities for sponsorship.

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