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Adesso Plans North American Expansion with Lottery Products

The expansion plan of the company is complemented by a NASPL membership along with a new strategic appointment

The leading IT service provider with a presence in strategic European markets, adesso, confirmed its plans to tap into the lottery industry in North America. Ultimately, the company confirmed its wants to engage in partnerships with all lotteries within Canada and the US. The ambitious growth plan represents an important milestone for adesso as it would mark the debut of the company in North America, a lottery market identified for its significant potential.

Coinciding with its plans for growth in Canada and the US, adesso confirmed that it became a member of the North American lottery Association, the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASLP). The company explained that this membership marked the “starting point for the rollout of the technology and consulting portfolio to the US and Canadian markets.”

With the aforementioned markets, adesso will primarily focus on expanding two of its solutions. Those are adessoDraws and LotteryForce. The former is described by the company as an electronic, blockchain-based draw system that represents the first completely transparent auditable and repeatable solution for a secure drawing of winning numbers for lotteries within the digital vertical. The latter adesso described as a “technologically leading, cloud-based iLottery platform of the future for all channels.”

The Company Strengthens Its Gaming Advisors Team

Dr Rudiger Striemer, adesso’s senior vice president of lottery, explained that the company’s products are ready to meet the challenges of the fast-growing digital lottery market in North America. Moreover, he pointed out that the company remains committed to establishing itself within the Canadian and US markets. Finally, Dr Striemer predicted that adesso’s solutions and products will help “enrich the state and provincial lottery companies.”

adesso is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of digitalization in the global lottery market.

Dr Rudiger Striemer, senior vice president of lottery at adesso

In addition to the NASPL membership, adesso announced a strategic appointment that is expected to help fuel the company’s growth in North America. The company confirmed it hired the services of the industry insider and expert, Bishop Woosley, of Woosley Gaming Advisors.

He joined adesso’s team as Gaming Advisor and delivers extensive experience within the lottery market in America. Thanks to Woosley’s leadership and skills, the company plans to easily deploy its innovative solutions and engage with operators within the sector.

adesso’s plans to expand in North America come as no surprise, considering the high potential of the market. At the same time, the company is also a perfect fit for the ever-growing lottery market in the region, considering its extensive experience in strategic jurisdictions around Europe and North Africa, as well as the Middle East.


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