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Acres Technology Introduces Interactive ‘Ticket In, Bonus Out’ System

This innovative system is designed to provide an interactive and personalized gaming experience for slot machine players

Acres Technology, a Las Vegas-based casino technology and loyalty solutions developer, is set to launch a groundbreaking technology known as “ticket in-bonus out” (TIBO) in the coming months. 

Revolutionizing Casino Experience with TIBO’s Evolution Beyond TITO System

TIBO represents an evolution of the well-known “ticket in-ticket out” (TITO) system that has dominated the casino industry for years. Instead of merely providing players with cash-out tickets, TIBO uses predictive technology to anticipate when a player might be close to ending their gaming session. At that crucial moment, the system generates a bonus ticket encouraging players to continue by offering them free bonus spins on the same machine, as reported by The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The brainchild of John and Noah Acres of Acres Technology, TIBO seeks to engage players in a more dynamic and immersive manner. The system is poised to offer rewards beyond financial gains, providing a variety of personalized bonuses that cater to individual preferences. For instance, TIBO can recognize special occasions like birthdays or loyalty program anniversaries, granting players exclusive rewards to enhance their casino experience.

Furthermore, TIBO aims to capitalize on real-time data connectivity. Noah Acres likens the system to modern services like Amazon and Netflix that offer personalized recommendations based on user preferences. With TIBO, casinos can develop a closer relationship with players by acknowledging their wins and losses, thereby creating a more engaging and customer-centric atmosphere.

Navigating Concerns and Optimism Over TIBO’s Impact on Gambling Behavior

However, the innovative technology has raised concerns among responsible gaming advocates. Critics worry that TIBO’s ability to offer bonuses during losing streaks might encourage problem gambling behavior. Ted Hartwell, a representative from the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, expressed concern that such bonuses could hinder moments of self-reflection and detachment from the game—critical elements for individuals struggling with gambling addiction.

Despite the reservations, supporters of TIBO, including industry expert Alan Feldman, believe that the technology could offer positive incentives without necessarily promoting harmful behavior. Feldman suggested that offering delayed rewards on bonus tickets could mitigate potential risks.

In January, Acres also announced that it has extended its presence in the US by gaining approval from three state regulatory bodies: the Mississippi Gaming Commission, the Missouri Gaming Commission, and the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. This approval enables the expansion of Acres’ Foundation casino technology solution, already deployed in 21 casinos across approximately 31,000 slot machines in these states.


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