January 27, 2023 3 min read


Acres Continues US Expansion Securing Approval in Three States

The leading casino technology and loyalty solutions developer, Acres Manufacturing Company, announced it expanded its US presence by securing approval in three states

The company unveiled Thursday it secured approval for its cashless gaming technology from the Mississippi Gaming Commission, the Missouri Gaming Commission, as well as the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, which represent the gambling regulators in each of those states. As a result, the company’s solution by its Foundation casino technology expands further its reach. According to Acres, the solution is “currently deployed in all these states in a total of 21 casinos across nearly 31,000 slot machines.”

Noah Acres, Acres’ chief operating officer, shared his excitement about the latest announcement and thanked the regulators of the three US states where the company received fresh approval for its cashless gaming solution. He pointed out that the solution delivers innovative technology. At the same time, Acres acknowledged that the approvals from the regulators mark an important step in bringing innovative technology which will ultimately benefit the casino players.

Moreover, he spoke about the convenience the new solution will deliver for gambling operators that will benefit from a boost in revenue and customer acquisition. According to him, the approval will also deliver invaluable efficiencies for gambling operators.

We want to thank the regulators in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and in the six states that previously approved Foundation’s cashless gaming solution for their diligent review and approval of our innovative technology.

Noah Acres, chief operating officer at Acres

Acres Delivers Innovation for the Casino Gaming Floor

The company’s chief operating officer outlined that Acres identified that many casino operators struggle by relying on decades-old technologies on their casino floors. This is why, according to him, Acres focused on delivering innovative casino gaming solutions that help by benefitting not only the operators but the visitors as well.

As the casino gaming floor continued to stagnate with its reliance on 20+ year old systems technologies, Acres dedicated itself to developing revolutionary casino gaming technology that helps drive similar consumer engagement and revenue benefits already enjoyed by nearly every other industry,

added Acres

Additionally, he explained that while casino management systems providers try to tap into cashless gaming using old technology, Acres delivers a solution that is reliable, secure, fast and convenient. Finally, Acres said that by delivering innovative solutions, the company helps modernize the gaming industry and introduce efficiencies that may otherwise cost the operators lots of money.

The latest approvals expand the reach of the company to a total of nine US states. Previously, Acres has received approval for its leading solution in six other states and by the look of it, the company will only continue to expand further.


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