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ACMA Rules Sportsbet Did Not Breach In-Play Betting Rules

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has given Sportsbet, a sports betting operator, a coup de grace in the case against the operator over alleged breaches of in-play betting prohibition.

ACMA first targeted Sportsbet over an alleged prohibited betting offer concerning the Brownlow Medal, which is granted to the fairest player in the Australian Football League (AFL) every season. The award is decided by umpires at the end of each season, and it has become an event that fans follow passionately.

However, Sportsbet earned itself the regulator’s ire after offering in-play betting during the September 18 ceremony this year. Placing a bet on live events is not permitted and thus, ACMA said, that Sportsbet might have breached the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.

The Devil Is in the Details

However, ACMA has acknowledged that the rules that it tried to uphold against the operator could not quite apply. For one, the acting regulation of 2001 explicitly said that in-play betting is prohibited at sporting events.

The awarding ceremony of the medal could hardly be regarded as such, and ACMA concluded itself debating the matter. As such, Sportsbet did not offer a prohibited in-play betting product during the ceremony.

This ruling is fundamental for how the regulator wants to moderate gambling content in Australia and when breaches happen. ACMA similarly looked into other popular offers launched by Sportsbet and followed the same pattern.

Similar Betting Options – Also Not a Breach

Sportsbet has markets on the Norm Smith medal for the AFL and the Clive Churchill medal for the National Rugby League.

ACMA briefly considered whether the events could in any form constitute a sports betting event, but this was not the case the regulator said. Despite the regulatory action that the regulator embarked on, it found no evidence to support its own claims and said that the matter was now considered closed.

However, ACMA reminded operators that they were still obligated to uphold high industry standards and comply with the Interactive Gambling Act in full. ACMA has been particularly active against unregulated gambling websites in the meantime.

The regulator brought the total number of blocked illegal operators to more than 650 blacklisted operators earlier in December.


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