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ACMA Publishes Gambling Advertising in Australia Report

The report shows that metro TV remained the operators’ preferred way to advertise their products

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) published its Gambling Advertising in Australia: Placement and Spending report, outlining the persistence of gambling ads in the country during the twelve-month period between May 2022 and April 2023.

The report notably shows that over a million gambling ads have been aired on free-to-air TV and metro radio during that period.

Leveraging Nielsen Advertising intel data, the ACMA reported that 50% (502,800) of the ads came from companies offering licensed online gambling services. In the meantime, 51% (256,200) of the ads aired on metro free-to-air television were ads advertising the services of online gambling providers.

Additionally, the ACMA pointed out that another 20% of the ads on metro free-to-air TV promoted lottery companies (99,500), while another 17% (84,000) promoted lottos.

For comparison, 58% (196,400) of the gambling ads on regional free-to-air TV were by online operators. Lottery and lotto adverts comprised 16% (52,600) and 15% (49,600) of the total number of ads aired on regional free-to-air television, respectively.

The ACMA added that 16% of all gambling adverts appeared on metro radio with 31% of them (50,200) advertising online casino companies.

Operators Spent Millions on Ads

According to the ACMA, the period between May 2022 and April 2023 saw the industry spend a whopping $151.7 million on gambling advertising. The majority of this money (64%) was spent by gambling operators. In the meantime, lottery companies spent 12% of the total money, followed by land-based gambling operators at 9%.

Lotto, racing and other gambling companies spent 8%, 3% and 4% of the total sum, respectively.

Metro TV remained the operators’ preferred platform to advertise their services. The ACMA’s Gambling Advertising in Australia: Placement and Spending report shows that 56%/$133 million of all the marketing spend was on metro TV advertising. In the meantime, social media marketing spend sat at 15%/34.6 million. Regional TV advertising and metro radio advertising were up next with 12%/$29 million and 9%/22.4 million respectively. Finally, $19.5 million was spent on general display adverts.

In the wake of Australia’s new laws on gambling advertising, the majority of TV ads appeared between 9 pm and 10 pm.

In other news, the ACMA recently issued a formal warning to Best Bookies, which offered a service that constituted illegal gambling under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Following the warning, the gambling company took down the service in question.


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