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ACMA Issues a Fine against Entain over Online In-Play Wagers

The financial sanction comes after the media regulator uncovered that two of Entain's brands offered live online bets for a golf tournament back in October

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the country’s regulator of communications and media, announced it imposed a sanction against the leading gaming and entertainment company, Entain. Announced on April 28, the sanction comes after the Authority uncovered that two brands of the company offered online in-play betting. This resulted in an infringement notice of AU$ 13,320 ($8,800) against Entain.

ACMA explained that the financial sanction is the maximum penalty for this particular breach of the gambling regulation in the country, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Additionally, the Authority explained that this is the first such infringement notice for this particular breach of the online in-play betting rules.

The breaches, which the ACMA deemed illegal, involve two of Entain’s brands, Ladbrokes and Neds. The media Authority explained that the two brands accepted a total of 78 online in-play bets during the final day of the Bangkok LIV Golf tournament, an event that was played back in October 2022.

Entain Pty Ltd (Entain) has been penalized for online in-play betting after it was found that two of its services had accepted illegal bets on a LIV golf tournament,

reads a statement released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority

Media Regulator Disappointed to Uncover Breach

A breakdown of the collected bets released by ACMA reveals that 59 bets were accepted via Ladbrokes, while Neds collected 19 bets. Considering that this happened after the event had started, those bets were voided, said the Authority.

On the day of the breach, Entain was alerted by a customer, but this happened three hours after the golf event started. Still, the company explained that it has reviewed and consequently updated its in-play compliance policies. Ultimately, with those actions, Entain sought to “ensure such errors do not occur again.”

Entain is a highly experienced wagering operator and it is disappointing it did not have internal procedures in place to prevent or detect the error. The ACMA made it clear to the industry last year that they must have robust systems in place to ensure that online in-play bets are not made available or accepted.

Nerida O’Loughlin, chair at ACMA

Nerida O’Loughlin, ACMA’s chair, acknowledged that it is disappointing to see an experienced operator like Entain allow such a breach. She reiterated that in 2022, the Authority clearly outlined that operators cannot accept online in-play bets.

O’Loughlin explained that such bets can result in increased wagering activities by gamblers given that they have fast outcomes. This, in turn, creates a risk for the customers, which is why such bets are not permitted, said ACMA’s chair in conclusion.


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