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ACMA Warns Kayo over Recent Advertising Standards Violation

The regulator reported that the streaming service aired ads five minutes before a game, which is a violation of the local rules

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), has reported that Kayo, a sports streaming service, has breached its rules on gambling advertising. The service reportedly broadcast gambling advertisements during the May 2022 Fremantle V Collingwood AFL match, violating local laws.

Under Australian law, services cannot stream gambling ads during live sporting events between 5 am and 3:30 pm. In addition, ads should not be broadcast five minutes before and after the event.

However, Kayo actually did promote gambling products five minutes before the aforementioned game and during scheduled breaks, thus breaching the rules. As a result, the regulator issued a formal warning, noting that Kayo’s actions violated the gambling advertising standards.

Kayo Will Strive to Do Better

ACMA’s chairwoman, Nerida O’Loughlin, commented on the matter, saying that Australians expect streaming platforms to broadcast live sports without breaching the rules. She noted that the same rules that apply to traditional TV broadcasters apply to streaming services as well.

O’Loughlin added that gambling ads during sporting events are something that concerns many locals. Many believe that exposure to such content may cause children to relate sports to gambling.

Gambling advertising during live sport is a major concern for Australians. Families want to watch live sport without needing to worry that children may come to think of gambling as a part of the game.

Nerida O’Loughlin, chair, ACMA

The ACMA reported that during the investigation, Kayo implemented live production testing and technical enhancements to its protocols and advertising software.

Furthermore, the streaming service will have senior management review and will sign off future system changes that may cause it to make further violations.

The ACMA Continues to Protect the Australian Market

The ACMA remains committed to protecting the integrity of the Australian gambling market. To that end, the regulator is always making sure that the licensed companies are diligently following the rules.

In addition, the ACMA continues its war on illegal gambling and is actively seeking, identifying and issuing blocking orders against offshore companies. A month ago, for example, the authority asked local Internet service providers to block eight more unlicensed companies, namely Casino Jax, Mirax Casino, Wild Fortune Casino, Kosmonaut Casino, Slotozen, Rolling Slots, N1 Bet Casino and No Deposit Kings.

At that time, the regulator had issued blocking orders against a total of 709 offshore operators and affiliates. The full list of blocked operators can be seen on its official website.

This followed an earlier ban wave that saw the ACMA issue the blocking of several other sites.


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